I, The Breather: track by track of 'Truth And Purpose' on Alternative Press


Alternative Press have posted a track-by-track of I, The Breather's album 'Truth and Purpose' with vocalist Shawn Spann and drummer Morgan Wright. A lyric video for the song '4.12.11' was posted earlier.

Read the track-by-track on altpress.com.

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There are cleans. "Bruised and Broken" has them. There aren't many mind you but they are enough to really become grating throughout the album. The biggest problem still is every song sounds the same and it really isn't all that great the first time.

there aren't cleans...

Theyre not bad tho! I still think they have a great potential, even for a metalcore band.

I tried but I just can't get into this album. The production is better than their last one but the sappy pubescent clean singing really sucks! I also don't like every song is about the same tempo and in the same key. Where's the variation?