Introducing: the Euroblast festival lineup - Friday


Euroblast festival is the leading European festival for progressive and technical metal, with which has had a long and fruitful partnership for years. A large portion of our team will once again be present this year, and we will be covering the festival extensively.

This year's lineup is a little more eclectic than previous years: it features more bands that are probably outside the "comfort zone" of most of our readership, and that are not covered on the site. Nevertheless, they have in common that they are all forward-thinking musicians. We thought it would be useful to introduce every band on the lineup, and explain why you should go see them.

Here is part one of our guide to the Euroblast festival lineup: Friday, October 11th. We've gathered all songs (one for each band) in a convenient YouTube playlist as well.

Second stage


United Kingdom

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For fans of: Meshuggah, Divine Heresy, Gojira, Maigra

Go see them because: this band bridges the gap between the technical and progressive nature of djent bands and the more established bands in modern metal such as Machine Head. The result is a well rounded and accessible sound that features something for everyone.


Ohio, USA

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For fans of: Stealing Axion, Last Chance To Reason

Go see them because: all the way from the States, Arecibo churn out riff after riff on their Strandberg guitars. Sometimes thrashy, sometimes melodic and soaring, but always groovy. They're a pretty new band, so go show them some support!




For fans of: Dew-Scented, Legion Of The Damned, At The Gates

Go see them because: with Euroblast's bill full of bands pushing boundaries, it's important not to forget the legacy they've built upon. GrandExit will take you back to the roots bringing their contemporary twist on old school death/thrash metal.



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For fans of: Nile, Myrath, The HAARP Machine

Go see them because: this Russian-Serbian-combo is clearly an enrichment, as they bring some nice oriental vibes into their sound, unlike the many modern sounding bands. Nevertheless, progressive death metal is the foundation of their music. Nothing for hip swinging belly dancers!

Dawn Heist


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For fans of: Threat Signal, Sybreed, Mnemic, Soilwork

Go see them because: the band's mid-tempo grooves and melodic choruses will surely get the crowd moving. Their sound features electronic elements that are always present but never become overbearing, which will please many a Euroblast-goer. And their vocalist sounds like Soilwork's Bjorn "Speed" Strid, which means he is awesome.


United Kingdom

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For fans of: Textures, Fellsilent, Hacride, Dimmu Borgir

Go see them because: hard as nails tech-metal, that grooves with grand orchestrals heavily inspired by epic movie scores... it's not without reason that this is the band's third appearance at Euroblast festival.



Virginia, USA

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For fans of: Gorod, Obscura, The Faceless

Go see them because: the band's great blend of melodic and technical death metal will be one of the best opportunities for furious headbanging and moshing. For others there will be plenty of riffs and solos to ogle at.

Der Weg Einer Freiheit


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For fans of: Wolves In The Throne Room, Immortal, Dornenreich

Go see them because: as a black metal band they are quite a rarity for this festival. Nevertheless their haunting atmosphere and driving blast beats are an experience worth having, and the Euroblast crowd will surely appreciate the band's musicianship.

Humanity's Last Breath


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For fans of: Vildhjarta, Molotov Solution, Thy Art Is Murder

Go see them because: they play music with a solitary purpose: to make you squirm with fear and question your morality. Few bands have been labelled 'evil' and 'heavy' with greater justice. By the time Euroblast comes around, their debut album will have been out for a couple of weeks: enough time to learn the riffs and let the demons start crawling through your veins.


No Consequence

United Kingdom

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For fans of: Visions, Heart of a Coward, The Arusha Accord

Go see them because: the live show will have you hooked, get you moving and keep you begging for more. Their passion for music explodes on stage and the latest full length album 'Io' is a progressive masterpiece. Not convinced yet? Check out our exclusive interview.


United Kingdom

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For fans of: SikTh, The Arusha Accord

Go see them because: they play their songs almost more tightly and precisely on stage than in the studio. Usually this involves being blind drunk. A good time is had by all with moshing aplenty and general larking around, amid singing along to their catchy choruses (if you can draw your attention away from their quantum-inducing fretboard rapidity).



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For fans of: Converge, Every Time I Die, Ion Dissonance

Go see them because: they play mathcore that hits like a freight train, and have a track record of total destruction live: hit any youtube video to witness the carnage. One of the surprises of the last edition of Euroblast.

Benea Reach


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For fans of: Meshuggah, Botch, Extol

Go see them because: their unique and very varied blend of mathcore brutality and gentle post-rocky interludes makes them a very interesting live prospect. The straightforward lyrics will have you singing along from the off: frontman Ilkka has charisma in abundance and the vocal chords to match. Not to be missed lightly.

Go see them because: they blew up the Euroblast stage last year. If you missed out on that, there's really no excuse in the world to miss this gig. If you've already seen their exotic mix of talent live, you probably don't need convincing. For some insight on the band, check out our exclusive video interview from last year's Euroblast festival.

Threat Signal


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For fans of: Sybreed, Chimaira, Divine Heresy

Go see them because: all the way from Canada these guys are coming to do one thing: Kick you right in the butt to get you moving. Their fast and tightly played technical riffs and drumming make it almost impossible to just stand still.

The Agonist


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For fans of: Trivium, In This Moment, Deadlock, Threat Signal

Go see them because: they are the only band with a female vocalist at the festival. But besides the eyecatcher, they will grab your attention with their very own style of progressive metalcore.



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For fans of: CiLiCe, Xerath, Aliases

Go see them because: they make playing crazy technical riffs look as easy as putting on a T-shirt. Add to that an amazing atmosphere and brilliant vocals and you get all the ingredients needed for a delicious musical binge.

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