Kevin Suter: new EP 'Novus Initium' available for download


Solo-instrumentalist Kevin Suter has released a new EP titled 'Novus Initium'. As with all his releases, the EP is available for free download from his Bandcamp page. Kevin's previous effort, a self-titled EP, was released in July last year. In the meantime, he has released several stand-alone tracks as well, including a concept track titled 'PlanetFall'.

Download 'Novus Initium' from Bandcamp.

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wow. this is really good. the sweeps in the last track blew me away

Soooooo glad that old snare is gone!

Sounds cool!

Bandcamp only allows 200 free downloads per month, and that was obliterated last night when I released this. So sorry guys! I’ll work on making this easier to obtain.

Totally love "Sub-Axis"!

Sounds great so far!

I hope you guys like it!