The Korea: 'Chaos Theory' music video


The Korea have posted a music video for their new single, titled 'Chaos Theory', on their YouTube channel. Watch it below. The song is available for free download from the band's website, and it will be featured on their upcoming full-length album titled 'Chariots Of The Gods', which is planned to be released in December. An instrumental track, titled 'Armada', was posted earlier.

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6 years 47 weeks ago


the vocalist reminds me too much of the lead singer of Suicide silence...maybe its the crabcore thing, but honestly this band has better groove and vocals.

The world's first skinny sumo wrestler


brutal stuff, cookie monster and russian go well together Laughing out loud

haha, the vocalist looks like he wants to fuck the floor Laughing out loud

The music is really quite good.

The video... so much crab stance. They really could give Attack Attack a run for their money with all the 90º Knee angles going on...