The Korea: 'Chariots of the Gods' released, available for free download


Russia-based The Korea have released their latest full-length album 'Chariots Of The Gods'. It is available for free download from their website. A music video for the single 'Chaos Theory' was posted earlier, watch it below.

Download 'Chariots of the Gods' from

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wow! amazing really, i find the amount of variety truly remarkable, and the most amazing part is that i love all of it, the harsh, the mellow, the dirty, the clean, everything, and it's all for free, amazing...

I think it was awesome!

New fan here! Amazing! I don't mind, I don't understand a fucking thing! Great, clean singing in any language, is fucking awesome! First release this year that really has my attention!

To the Hammer & Sickle! The Chariot awaits for The Korea!

Absolutely awesome. Their singer+ Nikki Sixx hairdo+ brutal deathcore= Hell yeah.. These guys are bringing something fresh. Their structure(s) are quite unique and these dudes are all in, the video was awesome. Kinda sucks for the drummer though, did he piss on the producer, because he is getting very little camera time.

Awesome enough to hold me till Monuments' new album comes out Laughing out loud

thanks for your constructive comment. Your username suits you.

Nothing new or interesting. deleted this s**t

lol. The intro to Armada kind of sounds like the beginning of Machine Head's "Locust" song.

This is awesome. Wish i could understand russian lol but this is still so good. Good production quality too.

You bet we are)

I bet you're Russian.

Sickest fucking video (apart from screaming without a mic, which just looks odd)

Liking this a lot. Good variety in the tracks and the production is nice and chunky while still leaving enough space for all the sounds to breathe.

Now I just wish I could understand Russian... Wink

With my 3rd listen, the riffs on the album sound deely and Uneven Structure in some parts, but the riffs remind me mostly of deely's work.

Great album and sure to be in the best of 2012 list of got-djent either in the normal category/free download category

Album is really impressive! clean vocals on the 'Zombie' and others is just perfect. Great job, The Korea!

Thanx for a new favourite album in my player Smile

This album is beyond incredible. The music writing is really creative, and catchy. Really intelligently written. This dudes have an ear for music and song composition. Their diversity in drum syncopation is really tasty. Im blown away and hooked on this album. Its a "To Have" album! Every song on this album is really good. Not one disappointing song.

hilarious film clip never fails to make me laugh

great album! love 'zombie' as well, seems to be popular

This is pretty good!

Ваще нармос!Приятней хаотика)

Well, this is a surprise. After "Chaos Theory", I expected a more 'deathcore' approach but the actual album is far more explorative with different elements.
The cleans really stand out on this. I wonder why they don't choose to show them off more in their promo.

Oh, and on a sidenote: Russian is a beautiful language for its very unique dark and strong tone and atmosphere. Especially when sung.

"Zombie" is great song!
Djenty sound/groove and his clean/harsh vox are also awesome.
I felt Heavy/Beautiful/Mysterious vibe Smile


Russian can not be in music

so fvck'n sick!

Wow. Just one click and it's downloading. That's the way to go.

I was really anticipating this album and it didn't disappoint!

Too bad they didn't put it on Bandcamp, some people would probably be more than willing to spend a few bucks on it Smile

our neighbours from Russia! nice work, guys!
Waterline is a f*cking HIT!!!!!

very good album)