A map of djent: fourth edition


It's been almost a year since we last updated the map of djent, so it's time for a new edition.

Since we introduced the 'become a fan' feature on the site, 4180 users have become a fan of 1268 different bands (there are about 1400 bands and projects in our database in total at this time). We used this information to generate a 'map of djent', by linking together bands who have a lot of fans in common.

To keep things manageable, only bands with 80 fans or more are displayed on the map, yielding 115 bands in total. Click the preview below to view the map in full size.


Bands that share more fans in common are linked more tightly. The wider and brighter an edge, the more similar the bands' fanbases are. This causes similar bands to cluster together and creates some interesting constellations:

Undoubtedly, there are plenty more of these clusters and constellations to be found on the map. If you find any new ones, feel free to name them and comment!

Map of djent: Euroblast edition

Since Euroblast festival vol. 8 is coming up in two weeks, we've also made a Euroblast edition of the map of djent. This one includes only bands that will be appearing at the festival. Of course it does not include all bands on the lineup, but only those that are also in our database. Check out the full lineup on the festival website.

View the previous edition of the map of djent
Check out the Euroblast festival lineup

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Not at the moment, sorry. This needs an update anyway! I'm a little busy these days but hopefully I can find some time to regenerate it soon.
It would be really cool to make it interactive... that would require more time though, I'll have to see if I can figure it out Smile

Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah coined the term "djent" in a magazine article and Misha Mansoor of Periphery used it when describing his sound which is heavily influenced by Thordendal's Sol Niger Within , and because Periphery rocketed to popularity the term went with it. It stuck as other bands emulated Periphery's sound (which pre-existed with Textures and Tesseract and any other progressive extreme metal band like Devin Townsend's) and branched off. Misha was also heavily inspired by Tosin Abasi of Animals As Leaders as well, with both heavily affecting Periphery's first album.

Meshuggah basically is at the heart of it all, but their earliest records are heavily influenced by Metallica and Pantera, as they debuted right around when those bands were at their peak and sounded very similar to them, though playing lower, heavier extreme metal.

I do consider djent to be a sub-djenre (pun intended) of metal, though it's in the progressive/extreme metal realm.

I'm finding the map too big and hard to navigate; is there a version with less bands on it that lets me see the most popular? Or a list? I just want to check out the most popular ones that I haven't heard.

Great work!

Probably I understood djent scene (if it's a scene).

I've been thinking that djent scene have made by Meshuggah, but actually Periphery (and some bands influenced by Meshuggah) seems to did it.
And I've been wondering 'why almost people mention to Periphery not Meshuggah when they talk about djent'?

Well, if Meshuggah is pioneer of djent, they are located in center of this map.
However, Bulb, Periphery, Animals As Leaders, Chimp Spanner and so on are located in center of this map!
And Meshuggah is located in the edge of this map...

This mean that... they, bands influenced by Meshuggah, have many influence in djent scene. And djent scene is not made by Meshuggah, of course Meshuggah may have influence though.

'Djent scene was made by bands influenced by Meshuggah'.

In addition, if djent is a sub-genre, more subdivision of genre seems happening already...

Btw this map made by user of this website.
This map didn't complete without fans of djent.
Interesting thing! Smile

Really awesome map and thank you for tips Mr. Wink

I just wanted to say, never mind. :3
Sorry for my scattered comment.

Have a nice time at Euroblast!

Amazing Laughing out loud

The South America of Solo Projects Laughing out loud

vildhjarta, humanity's last breath, jonnah and means end should...be something...

Woohoo, I made the map this time! Laughing out loud

The black background makes this a A+ sexier.

The Cosmic Web: all bands in the map

The Suomi Cygnus : Circle Of Contempt, Ocean Within, We Are The Illusion, Color The Promises.

@JakIsDead ME TOO Laughing out loud
i like how you guys put constellations in the map. really cool idea. the Bulb Bowtie is my favorite.

Great work, good analysis. As an engineer I can really appreciate good use of data when it is available Smile