Means End: guitar sheets available, looking for guitarist


Sweden-based Means End have uploaded the guitar sheets and tabs of their recently released EP to Mediafire. They are available in Guitar Pro 5 format. The band have also announced that they are looking for another guitarist to complete their line-up. They write: "Do you think that Means End could be something for you? If so, record a video of you playing one (or all!) of our songs and send it to our email (meansend at hotmail dot com). If not, do you know anyone that might be interested?"

The band's debut EP is available as a free download from Mediafire and for streaming on the band's Bandcamp page.

Download the guitar sheets and tabs from Mediafire (.gp5 format).

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More like A standard with an added low E, or you could just call it 7-string E standard. We're thinking about going eight string though.

I know, it's like 6 string standard on a seven. But without the B. And with an extra A, and a high C. Sounds cool though.

This again proofs that djent cannot be translated to GuitarPro hahah. Sounds like a guy farting continuously. Hope someone will make good use of it (:

God damn, what a pain in the arse tuning.