Meshuggah: 'Koloss' snippets available on Amazon


Preview snippets of each of the tracks from Meshuggah's upcoming album 'Koloss' are available for streaming from Amazon UK. Nuclear Blast has also made the previously 'leaked' track 'Break Those Bones Whose Sinews Gave It Motion' available for free download. Another song titled 'Do Not Look Down' was released last week.

Listen to the preview snippets on
Download 'Break Those Bones...' from

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The Demon's Name Is Surveillance sounds like a faster or remastered version of Bleed

"...Vildhjarta have eclipse them" & what you heard from Koloss to this point changes nothing. Sounds like, before you heard anything from Koloss you had your mind made up. Vildhjarta's me again, prepare to get torched!

First, I highly doubt Vildhjarta will be together in 20 years, at least as it's current line up goes. Second, I truly doubt Vildhjarta will be EXCLUSIVELY responsible for the creation of a whole new metal genre. Obviously last, they can be as innovative 20 years from now, no!

I thank you for your input into Meshuggah's new album. It is a sunny Saturday here in New York & it was depressing the hell out of me. Your insight made my day! Evil Koloss-Thall Evil

Can't stand fanboys, can't stand trolls... So i have to sit on the fence on this one. What i can guess at is how hard it must be- when you're an originator of a sound- to stay fresh. I confess that at this point, imho, Vildhjarta et al have eclipsed this band. What I've heard so far from 'Koloss' does nothing to change this. There really is nothing about this material that i can get behind, it sounds very constrained. Don't flame me plz I'm just hearing it as it is.

I have to say the popular phrase, To each his own for this one. Because I know I could possibly get a lot of hate from saying this.

But I've been listening to Meshuggah since 2005. Rational Gaze got me into them, and everything else followed. After hearing the two leaked tracks, and the samples (SAMPLES mind you), I think that this may just become my favorite Meshuggah album...AND I mean this.

This isn't your typical Meshuggah. They always try to make their music different with each release. This time for me, they hit the fucking spot. (My mangina g spot.) The music according from the samples were incredibly diverse. My jaw dropped when I heard from beginning to end.. So Tomas doesn't give it his all with the drumming. So they use six string guitars on a couple of songs. BIG FUCKING DEAL. This is the very essence of Meshuggah. I know it.

I eagerly await this ultimate masterpiece...

it is quite obvios that the samples are "too short" and "too low quality" to make any assesment about the album. We are not talking about 3 minute long radio songs with verse and chorus parts.

I don't know, the songs sound way more straightforward and less complex than Meshuggah usually is. Meshuggah is known for weird timing and polyrhymic stuff. This sounds more straight forward like the Acacia Strain who though is also very enjoyable, is not the same. Very heavy, very brutal, very moody, but just not Meshuggah. I was hoping for more chaos!

"I am Colossus" sounds so damn massive. This will most likely end up being my favourite Meshuggah album.

holy shit this album is gonna be sick, it is also interesting to note, as much as i liked the first 2 songs, they sound way better in the context of the whole album...

This has some amazing drumming. It is sounding more and more like a drumming album to me. However, the guitar riffing on 'Marrow' blew my mind. Amazing stuff!

Holy balls... the groove on 'Demiurge'... @_@

Yeah! It's definitely worth downloading iTunes for these. Thanks for the link! Smile This album sounds somewhere between Chaosphere and Nothing for me. Just can't wait...

didnt like the first 2 songs. this is more like it lol.

The Demon's Name is Survellance...
Fuck. Damn.

I must say, it's worth temporarily installing iTunes for the samples. "The Hurt That Finds You First" sounds insane! Laughing out loud

Oh, never mind then Tongue Thanks anyway Smile

But you have to 'View in iTunes' to hear the samples.

Anyone got a link so we can add it to the article?

I should also mention that the iTunes links are longer and of far better quality.

This will be a fucking MASTERPIECE! Nuff said. Smile (Tracks 2,8,9 ftw)

They're also up on iTunes (UK).

Behind the Sun... my favorite...