Meshuggah: new album finished, release date announced


Meshuggah have announced a release date for their forthcoming album via their website. The image depicting the release date was accompanied with a short prose confirming the completion of the album:

"After a long time of deep
soul searching and intense
wrecking of the psyches, the
new album is finally done.

Soon you will meet this colossus
that will pulverize your being.

Welcome to the other side
on March 27."

View the announcement on Meshuggah's website.

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Hey guys!

Just found out new info about the album, which is finally called KOLOSS - - tracklist & cover art.

The song titles sound pretty cool and the cover art looks very creepy.

So how do you like it?

Can't wait to hear it!!!

I´ll be the first one to own that album!!!!Fuck yeah

Ah, KOLOSS. Time to break out the Meshuggah back catalogue and prep my mind. I can't wait!



damn!! i'm so eager to get this!!
27th March!!

That information is based on a preorder option on Nuclear Blast's website I think, and since their cryptic message contains the word 'Colossus', there is some evidence for it. But it hasn't been confirmed by the band anywhere, as far as I know.

i read somewhere it is to be called "Koloss" can anyone confirm/deny this?

Oh yes! He looked forward to a new Meshuggah album, I hope that is as good as the previous ones and of course expose a new face and a new image of the band, I want more djent, longer-djenty djent!

9 string guitars! lol :b

2012 is looking better than last year already

can't wait for that album! Laughing out loud, I hope they come to Venezuela this year! I really wanna see them.

i really dont care for meshuggah. i can respect them but i dont find their music very appealing.

LAMB OF GOD... TOOL ... GOJIRA... MESHUGGAH ... with this new albums.. i don't care if the world ends in dicenber xD but I want them now ¬¬

The all-fathers have returned.

Will be seeing them @ soundwave in a few weeks, might get to hear some of this new stuff!

Laughing out loud

FUCK YEAH! Laughing out loud
Now I know what I wish me to my birthday!

Ahhh, Finally


Best viewed when the lines aren't separated Wink (I don't know if you can... try copying into a text editor if it doesn't work!)

uh oh

this will be the only valid excuse on why the world will end in 2012 but on the bright sight when this cd is released i am so going to the southern and northern california shows!



So it's done NOW and it's released March 27!? I hate it when they do that. Very effective salesmanship, though.

2012 here we go...

I hope they don't put up these little cock-tease samplers with a bunch of footage of random shit like every band does 6 months before dropping an album. Lookin forward to it!

I can't stop ejaculating! Laughing out loud

FUCK YEAH Laughing out loud


it was nice seeing all artists/bands/musicians connected to the djent scene all go crazy over the news on facebook hahaha

Finally... something heavy to look forward to.