Miroist: 'The Pledge' EP released, available for free download


Miroist have released a 3-track debut EP, titled 'The Pledge', which is available for streaming and for free download from their Bandcamp page. Listen below. It is also available for streaming from the band's YouTube channel.

Stream / download the EP from Bandcamp.

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damn good stuff. thanks!

o_o awesome... and the quality is quite good.

Thanks guys, I'm glad you're enjoying it! I'm sorry you didn't think the production was up to scratch, I'm actually very proud of the EP personally heh! I've only been making music seriously for 6 months. I'd try not to worry about production too much, as long as you like the songs Smile The artwork is worth the download by itself I think, my designer pal Chris has done an amazing job there! Thanks for the support.

Thumbs up! This is really good, but production quality could be better(?) The artwork is awsome though! In the download each of the three tracks have their own piece of artwork.

Digging this a lot Smile