Mnemic: new album title and artwork revealed


Mnemic have announced on their Facebook page that they have finished the recording process of their upcoming album, which was announced to be titled 'Mnemesis'. They have also revealed its artwork. View it below. The band's guitarist Mircea Gabriel Eftemie writes: "[...] For the ones that are curious about our new opus, I can say it's more melodic than what we've done in the past, but at the same time more energetic and not so technical. We tried to incorporate the traditional MNEMIC-esque sound and universe into the compositions, as good as we could. At the same time, we tried to move forward, like everything else in life. All in all, it's more of an atmospheric and melodic record, at least for me." The latest studio update video, regarding vocal tracking for the album, was posted earlier.

Read the announcement on Facebook.

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It's just consequent. "Sons Of The System" was already much less technical than anything before. But we'll have to see. They also said they would drop radio compatibility when they were writing SotS and that they'd go back to their old sound when they were writing this one.
Nobody ever knows what they've come up with until it's released. And actually, I like that.

"Not so technical"... BOOOOOO!

wow this one is...special Smile