Mnemic: new track 'I've Been You' (updated)


Nuclear Blast Records have posted Mnemic's new track, titled 'I've Been You', to their Soundcloud page. Listen below. The song will be featured on the band's upcoming album 'Mnemesis', due to be released on June 19th. Information about the album was posted earlier.

UPDATE: in the meantime, the track seems to have been removed again.

UPDATE 2: The track has been reuploaded.

Listen to the track on SoundCloud.

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AMAZING!!!! VERY NICE SONG. They have reborn from the ashes!

awesome song! This band has always been interesting for me!

So they have actually gone for the sound they said they would go for... for once. Interesting direction, sounds like a bit of Townsend trickled into their usual sound. I like it. I'm eager to hear how the rest of the album sounds, as they normally choose the more melodic songs for first showoffs.

Truly the best thing I have heard in a good while.