Monuments: live footage reveals Chris Barretto as new vocalist (updated)


Some live footage of Monuments recorded in Croydon tonight has revealed Chris Barretto (Ever Forthright, formerly of Friend For A Foe, Periphery) as the band's new vocalist. The footage has been posted on Facebook.

Watch the footage on Facebook.

UPDATE: The band have posted an official statement on their new website.

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Found a live footage video with Chris. =)

Browne said on Facebook that he auditioned and they went through all of them and Barretto posted on his Facebook that he is devoting himself to both Monuments and Ever Forthright, so it's win win haha

I'm not not impressed. Think he's doing great actually.

i wonder if he auditioned... if yes, it's hard to imagine that monuments would turn down this one, even if they don't think he would fit Tongue i'm curious how this will work out with EF - i see the beginning and the end of something....

can't watch the vid /:

Here it is:

Not impressed :/

i hope it's not true though, coz Ever Forthright needs him...

...And it's gone.