Monuments: music video for 'The Uncollective'


Monuments have posted a music video for the instrumental version of the song 'The Uncollective'. Watch it below. The video description also reveals that their upcoming album will be titled 'Gnosis'. We're currently giving away two sets of two tickets for the band's headliner show at The Lounge Bar's All-Dayer on November 12th in Alton, UK.

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@Ellen Djenteres

It feels a bit flat to me, no room to breath. I think vocals would GREATLY help, but John DOES know what he's doing... maybe this is completely polished yet?


Does anyone else think the production is lacking?

I wish neema was in this mix. It sounds emotionless without it...

Sick video...if a little dull. great song.

This is so good lol

2:15-2:43. Yeah.
and 3:12 on. I rest.

Man, I keep waiting for the vocals to kick in......


good to see Browne's wearing his trusted Meshuggah t-shirt Tongue

Wasn't that keen on Monuments before, but this is quite enjoyable.

I actually loved the vocals and in Monuments' case I don't prefer instrumental versions without vocals. oh stop I just realized that I usually don't prefer instrumental versions XD


Better without vocals Laughing out loud