Monuments part ways with both vocalists


Monuments have announced on their Facebook page that they have parted ways with their vocalists Neema Askari and Greg Pope. They report that the split was "[...] due to an internal difference of where to take the band" but also confirm that the album has been finished from an instrumental point of view, and that it will be released once they've found a new vocalist. All interested parties can contact them via the email address management (at) thisismonuments (dot) com. The band have also stated that news about their debut album will be released soon, along with a song premiere.

Read the whole announcement on Facebook.

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Wow, I can't believe this. Best of luck to Neema and Greg.

déjà vu... SikTh

I feel disappointed about this. I know it will be difficult no to be biased about this but I'm really curious to know what really happened here since they had a killer album already recorded, a record deal and they already did 2 tours. I suppose you never know what happens behind the curtain. I hope they get the right singer/singers.

i for one am VERY excited. AS excited as when tesseract replaced their singer. very very excited lets hear new guy!!!!!

Hmm name change anyone? Fellsilent - monuments / tesseract

I posted for clean vocalist for the simple fact that Monuments will NEVER be the same band, and it will be extremely hard to find 1 vocalist or even 2 vocalist that would be even close to the dynamics or range that Neema Askari and Greg Pope brought to this band. It is really a let down that some of these great bands cant seem to find a Happy Medium in their way of doing things and maiking music, and conscious decisions without conflict.

Whatever the reasons are, and whatever comes out of this all, I'm fucking DISAPPOINTED!!

Neema and Greg were one if not the reason for me, that made this band so unique and awesome, besides the obvious incredible riffing. Their relentless screaming, and at times almost rapping grooves were what really made this band stick out.

There are enough singers with a good clean/growl ratio in this genre already, where's the point in watering it down even more...


You do realize that Browne started the band and wrote all of the music himself right? I think he has the most say as to what happens in the band.

Fellsilent should have never split... exept for there last video everthing they did was f****** EPIC!!!
It`s not that I don`t love Monuments, but..hmm...

Nevertheless I really hope they get a new singer with a groovy screaming voice!

- I would recommend Neema Laughing out loud

agreed. However, neema and greg had amazing clean vocals as well as screams. The melodic vocal work in fellsilent (neema) and in monuments is sooo epic

Try a different approach, and get a singer that has melody, And uses Clean Vocals !! It definitely ads more flare to a genre that is FILLED with growls, and screams. Its hard for me to recognize the use of Progressive Metal with no clean Vocals. Thats just my Opinion. Lets leave it at that.

Let's not take sides here - I've heard something entirely different than what Neema is saying now. It's impossible for us to get an unbiased view of the situation, so jumping to conclusions is a bad idea.

Damn Browne is fucking things up in this "band" :\

Neema's FB post: "Email from Browne MONUMENTS "coz as of right now, the best option seems to be teach guitar and move to the states when/if my visa gets approved. Even if my visa doesn't get approved i don't see me wanting to continue on with Monuments." Me and greg didnt leave...Its not right that browne puts up posts on behalf of me and greg. This in manipulation and blackmail!"

GodDAMNIT!! ¬¬ You have no idea how upset I am with this situation.. No matter which vocalist will ever join Monuments, it will never be the same as with Neema. His sick screams, ridiculously fast and groovy vocal patterns made Monuments far out my favourite band in the universe atm. It where his vocals on top of the sick beats and riffs that always got me pumped, especially live. So glad I got to see them live 3 times.
"Monuments as we know it" 2009 - 2011

Neema seems to think otherwise. Not to get involved here, but it seems Browne is up to something. Check out Neema's Facebook.

Dude. Those two were the closest I was going to get to Mike and Justin. Well, best of luck to those guys, and the new Monuments album will still be sick. At least I saw them live.... (hehe) I wonder what Neema will do now?



I think they should contact guys from sikth Laughing out loud

NOOOOO. Neema was awesome. But good news, the album is finally coming out in a couple of months. Patience Yoda, patience...