Monuments part ways with vocalist Matt Rose (updated)


Monuments report on their Twitter account that they have parted ways with vocalist Matt Rose.

UPDATE: the band will be issuing an official statement regarding the departure of Matt Rose soon.

UPDATE 2: the band have confirmed Matt's departure via Facebook.

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5 years 4 weeks ago


Matt has stated on Facebook: 'I actually left monuments before the BOO tour started but decided to carry on for the best of the tour. I was growing increasingly frustrated at the work ethic of the band and at how little music everyone wrote. On our return from the tour we mutually agreed that it was best for everyone including me that we parted ways. I’m not sad at all about this ending and I certainly will not miss the band and all its dramas. My only disappointment comes from the bad blood that seems to have arisen since my departure, which is completely undeserved as I worked very hard whilst I was in the band. '

The dead do not suffer the living...

And what we will suffer now is a long waiting... Crap...

Bad blood? Oh dear, that doesn't sound good...

Sounds like Matt was getting tired of reading comments about how bad his live vocals are.

I have seen Monuments shows with Neema and with Matt.... and i have to admit that Neema was definitely better
Matt is good but he didnt fit.

I really wish this had happened before the release of Gnosis. The odds of that album being re-released with an appropriate vocalist seem slim. The related tweets seem to have been removed but they've stated in response to a question on their Facebook that 'Matt thought it would be a good idea' to delete their YouTube account. Seems there is some bad blood.

I hate to say it but I couldn't agree more. Matt was pretty decent but I think he was sub par in comparison with the rest of the band. I'm sure they will find someone quick enough and the lapse with be very much worth it..

Why ? Matt is a great vocalist this is such a shame Sad

God be praised!

you mean Neema and Greg? Neema and Joe is Fellsilent Tongue


I liked Matt's addition to the band, however, I don't think that he had as much appeal as Neema and Greg* (thank you Zyglrob)

whut the hell? matt never gets credits from "the qemists'" promotion... i hope he didn't leave monuments for the other band... anyway, get twin vox back!