New site feature: media posts


New site feature: media posts has been around for almost 3.5 years now, and our posting volume has kept increasing. To keep up with things, we are making some changes to the way we post news.

We've introduced a new type of news post: the media post. Media posts are centered around embeddable media content: YouTube videos, SoundCloud and Bandcamp songs, ...

Previously, we wrote articles about such content. This means we were required to add a paragraph of text to every post, which very few people actually read. So we've decided to stop doing that, and let the content speak for itself. This will allow us to respond faster, and spend the saved time on other things like exclusive content and new site features.

In one go, we've also updated the front page to show more headlines. Media posts are indicated with a 'play' icon to the left of the headline, regular articles have a 'text' icon. The headline pages have been updated as well.

How to submit a media post

Media posts can be submitted by any registered user, just like articles. Use the Create content > Media link in the sidebar, available when you are logged in. Media posts are much easier to submit, it only takes a minute. Here's how to do it:

  • Navigate to the 'Create content > Media' page. Log in first, if you haven't done so yet.

  • Write the headline for the post. Make sure it's not too long!

  • Insert one or more media links. These will be embedded in the post automatically.

  • Select which band(s) this post is about, so it can be linked to band pages and to previous posts.

  • Select the appropriate categories.

  • Optionally add a short description.

  • You're done! Submit the post and wait for it to be reviewed and published by a moderator.

If this is still too much work, or you're not sure how it works, feel free to submit an update instead.

This new approach will save us a lot of time, and hopefully some of you will find this useful too. We will be updating our FAQ shortly to better document the available content submission options. More new site features are coming soon as well!

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Nice, it's easy and faster than ever!
And we can view more articles than ever on the front page. It's also awesome. Smile