The official podcast: volume I


Well ladies and djentlemen, the Official Podcast: Volume I is here. It features interviews with Hero In Error and Shattered Skies as well as a chat with our favorite site admin, benanne! Don't miss it.

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@Klonere It's the reason his performance is so good, the high fiber diet treats him well.


@Beyond Cell Depth

Its the got-djent djingle kindly written for us by Uneven Structure. It might appear on one of their releases in the future!

really great!!!!

What is that snippet at the beginning?

Haha, good to see it doesn't affect his live performance gar. See you on Friday!

Nice one, good to see something like this being put together, and Confey really does get by on a strict diet of cardboard, FACT!

Sipping coffee like a baws and listening to the podcast like a trve djentleman. Looking forward for moar of these mates Smile

Well, next show is kinda booked, but I will be putting the word out to bands about some features I will be doing on future episodes!

how are you guys gonna pick bands that will be featured in the next podcasts??


At last! Will be waiting for the next casts Smile Go team!

@ Endeavour iTunes is kind of a bitch to work with. I'll try get it up for tomorrow, you can download direct from Soundcloud as well ^^

Cool Smile

Awesome! Going up on iTunes?

Phew, its out. Next time will be even better guys, lots of cool stuff lined up!