Periphery: Mark Holcomb announced as new guitarist


Periphery have announced on their Facebook page that Mark Holcomb has permanently joined the band as a new guitarist. About it Misha "Bulb" Mansoor writes: "[...]He [Mark] has and will continue to write for the 2 albums we are recording next year and will be touring with us full time after the Euro Dream Theater tour! We had already made arrangements with our good buddy Adam Nolly Getgood to fill in for the Euro tour, so that will be the last tour we do with a fill-in guitarist!"

They have also added two headline shows for the European tour on February 4 in Brussels Belgium, and on February 16 in Prague, Czech Republic. An interview with Misha Mansoor was posted earlier.

Read the announcement on Facebook.
Read the announcement on MySpace.

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I just hope that Haunted Shores is still on his mind.

hes already been playing with them for a while and did the tour hes practically already been in periphery. but does that mean that HAUNTED SHORES=PERIPHERY? AND THAT BESIDES THE TWO PERIPHERY ALBUMS COMING OUT THE HAUNTED SHORES ALBUM WILL BE A 3RD?

Great guy, he deserves this.

If this screws us out of the Haunted Shores album with all of the different singers, I'll be pissed. That slow song with Elliot Coleman is gold.

Yeah, not surprising.

lol saw that coming <3