Periphery: new track 'Passenger'


Periphery have released a new track titled 'Passenger' on Roadrunner Records' SoundCloud page. Listen below. The song is a rerecording of the original version by Haunted Shores, which is a band also involving Misha 'Bulb' Mansoor and Periphery's recently recruited guitarist Mark Holcomb. A set of track-by-track discussion videos about the band's self-titled debut album posted earlier.

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I paid for both versions of their debut and i'll probably do the same with this new album if there will be an instrumental version.

It is stupid, but in fairness you pretty much started the trend Tongue

i'm going to wait for the instrumental too, these vocals aren't doing it for me.
Obviously if you don't like instrumental music you cannot appreciate classical, jazz, or even electronic music... I pity those how cannot find the true beauty of music. Note music is notes, not words, words help most of the time but aren't always necessary. Video game forums have console wars... apparently this site has "vocal wars" that's just stupid.

"Instrumental music is like an unfinished novel where the book is bound, has all of its art, but all of the pages are void of text. A good front man and lyrics bring the whol story together and give the songs the substance they need."

It's not unfinished when the music speaks for itself. What kind of substance is a mediocre vocalist with equally if not worse "singing" talent?

You said it!

I'll just wait for the instrumental version.

I believe, you mean 'pop-like' over 'emo'. Which 'emo' is pop like as well. At least it SOUNDS like you aren't doing them injustice by using that silly word. And the lyrics are really tasteful, Spencer used really tasteful notes/tones. The same can not be said about a lot of bands. I understand your point, I used to be the same way when it came between their singing compared to their self titled release. I seem to have acquired much taste and expectation of Spencer though. :]

Instrumental music is like an unfinished novel where the book is bound, has all of its art, but all of the pages are void of text. A good front man and lyrics bring the whol story together and give the songs the substance they need.

If you dont like it, then you dont like it. I'm not going to bash on your tastes.

Again, I like them, so I'd be biased towards it - but I will admit that his vocals were a bit lack luster and had that emo feel you are talking about on their album. As for him not fitting in with the rest of the band, I think it's a nice contrast similar to that of Protest The Hero. For their current WIP I think that spencer is avoiding using any tuning and trying to perfect his voice, something which I think is a great step in the right direction. Just listening to this, he's definitely more consistent overall on both spectrums of high and low vocals and I am hopeful for the album to be released.

Anyways, even if you dislike them now, I'd keep my eyes open and see if your opinion gets changed.

Now that there is how constructive criticism is done folks.

Yeah, I just can't get into the vocals. I mean, the guy definitely knows how to belt it out and he has a lot of capability. I just can't stand the style though. I personally find it too reminiscent of emo/screamo vocals. I find they have a really adolescent, and I mean literally like an adolescent, sound. On the other hand I feel like I can't really stand Jens Kidman either, ya know? So far I only really enjoy instrumental djent like Cloudkicker, Chimp Spanner, Animals As Leaders and Periphery (instrumental S/T).

I don't think Periphery's vocalist is talentless but I dislike his style so much that I almost find his taste to be illegitimate. But before anyone eats me alive just understand that I can't help but *feel* this way and it pushes me to believe it. I could definitely be wrong and I fully recognize that. I can't help but feel that his taste is not at all aligned with the calibre of the rest of the band. They utilize subtle intricacies and have some of the best phrasing I have ever heard in metal. I can't get over their song writing abilities and how they build their songs with solid structure. They know how to create anticipation, subvert expectations and experiment. I think their dubstep-like electronic work is really, really tasteful.

Then the vocalist comes out of left field to me. I don't claim to have a monopoly on truth here. I just figure that opinions are harmless and this is what this site is for: to state opinions and have discussion. Smile

Before it wasn't official on youtube just yet. If you look at this date, this was uploaded on the 18th. Sumerian uploaded theirs on the 20th. Please pay attention, Cheers.

eh, yeah, it says so in the post Tongue

Well I was really excited... then I listened to it.

Its on a playlist created 1 year ago, I knew I heard it before and its the exact same version.

So if it sounds stale/old its because it is old.


Alright track. Still love Periphery, but I think a lot of the newer bands coming out of this scene are making them look silly. I have really high hopes for Juggernaut, though.


Just a note: Mark said on his facebook page that this song won' t be in the next Periphery full leght.

mysteriousdsf wrote:

At very last, this article has been pretty fucking late! Lol

If nobody submits an update, how are we supposed to know? It was only uploaded on Roadrunner's SoundCloud page 2 days ago. Was it available for streaming anywhere else before that date? Not that I know of.

You regularly comment about articles being 'late', yet you never submit any updates yourself. Why is that? It's not that hard Tongue

Weren’t vocals rerecorded?

One of my favorite tracks.

@Roshambo no, its only for the special re-release

At very last, this article has been pretty fucking late! Lol

great song! love periphery!
will this be on one of their new albums?