Periphery: 'Periphery II' available for streaming on metalinjection (UPDATED)


Metalinjection is streaming Periphery's sophomore effort, 'Periphery II: This Time It's Personal', on its page via The Music. The album is due to be released on June 29 in Australia, and July 3 in America. An interview with GetYourRockOut was posted earlier.

UPDATE: The album is now streaming on youtube as well, courtesy of Sumerian Records. Watch below.

Stream the album on MetalInjection.
Stream the album on The Music.

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Okay, I get it, Spencer is the Chuck Norris of singers Smile

Definitely too much to comprehend in one sitting. I never saw these guys disappointing. Great record guys! I'm going to grab my trunks and try to swim my way through the depths of this one.

No pitch/time correction of any kind on the main vocals. And as good as melodyne is for demoing/writing Spencer doesn't like using it on anything he produces because it eats the top end of the vocals away.

@bulb: This album is my personal No1 release this year. Instruments by side, Spencer improved soooo much. I have seen you live and know Spencer is an insane singer even live. Just one question: Do you use Melodine or anything like that on the album, or is he just that good?

nickpov3y: that's moderator only territory I'm afraid. But our review section is open to all registered users, so if you just want to get a few people together and write a round table review that way, that's fine by me Smile

Am I the only one who thinks this album has a much more metalcore sounding vibe to it?

Haha, "Muramasa" and "Masamune", Final Fantasy nostalgia huh? This album is awesome, much more experienced and mature, Periphery is ready now to kick asses arround the world!! And please, come to Brazil!

Would I be allowed to take part in the roundtable review even though Im not admin. I don't know the policy. Anyway, gave it a second listen today. Still liking it, only track I dont really like that much (relatively) is Have A Blast. I think my fave track is Masamune, so fucking heavy and groovey.

Nothing's planned because we didn't get a review copy, but if any of the mods are interested in it we could do a round table review, sure Smile

Great Job!!!! Can't wait to hear and see these live. Glad Spencer was able to do his thang.

I will also say this is better the Periphery I which was also awesome. I think Spencer is so better in this new album by far. I mean WOW!!

Musically it's great, but the clean singing i feel is SOOOOO out of place, I like when the singer is singing at least close to the same octave of the guitars. Good job tho anyways, in any case. Doesn't stop it from being a great album.

Is there going to be a roundtable review for this like there was for Eclipse and Koloss. I think there should be as Periphery are one of the flagship bands of the scene, and Id like to be in it very much. I have some very detailed notes that I made when I was listening to it for the first time.

5 in the mornin... listened to this a good 6 times now... can't get enough of it!!! can't pick a favourite at this time though... needa few more listens lol

Thanks guys!! Glad ya dig!
Its a dense one, so please don't be afraid to spend some quality time with it.
I also highly recommend a good listen through after "partaking"

Froggin Bullfish is perfect. Can't wait to receive my copy! Thanks Periphery <3

WOW. Love it. Its a bit like Periphery meets Dream Theater. Other than that, I must listen more to this till I can pick out my favorite tracks. Cant wait for my preorder.

This sounds way better than Periphery I.

glad i have this on pre-order, sounds really good.

Fantastic Laughing out loud

THIS is streaming !!!! And I have to go to university 8[[

this album is perfect

Sweet baby djesus this is good.