Returning We Hear the Larks: remastered version of unreleased track 'Chivalry Is Dead'


Jak Noble of Returning We Hear the Larks has released a remastered version of a previously unreleased track, titled 'Chivalry Is Dead'. The track is available for streaming and for free download from his Soundcloud page. Listen to it below. He writes: "[...]I wrote this track in early 2011 and then never did anything with it. Recently, I found it and thought it would be nice to make public. The mix is pretty old and not great. I gave it a rough master but it hasn't improved the quality much. It was also intended to have vocals, but for now at least, is simply instrumental. You're welcome to add vocals, as long as you link me to the finished product." A single, titled 'Line-Trap', was posted earlier.

Stream/download the song from Soundcloud.

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here is a possible version with voice........ I'm so happy awaiting your comments,
this version have no "lyrics" all are groans, hahahaha, but if you like those groans, I will take my lyrics inside your song.

thank you for the oportunity

(you can download the song from here)

Sounds like a sweet tune but.. holy compression..