The Safety Fire: album preview on Amazon, delay announced


Snippets of all tracks off The Safety Fire's forthcoming debut album 'Grind the Ocean' are now available for streaming on Amazon. The band have also announced that their album will be delayed to April 9th/10th for the UK and US market, though preorders will still be received on the original release date of February 27th. A new video update was posted earlier.

Listen to the snippets on

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really irritates me when you wait years for an album to be released, and its filled with old songs and instrumentals so in reality youve got 4 new songs on a 9 track CD that youve wait for forever. sigh.

The delay is killing me because I want a physical copy, not a download. The pre-orders are still on time but the shipping is retarded! Its fucking $8 to ship a $13 CD!!! This should be no more than $15 SHIPPED, not over $20!!!