The Safety Fire: debut album details, release date announced


The Safety Fire have unveiled the track listing and release date for their upcoming debut album 'Grind the Ocean'. It will feature 9 tracks, and will be released on February 27th in UK/Europe and on February 28th in the US. The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Huge Hammers
2. Floods Of Colour
3. DMP (FDP)
4. Anomalous Materials
5. Animal King
6. Circassian Beauties
7. Sections
8. Seagraves
9. Grind The Ocean

The 1st track off it, titled 'Huge Hammers' was posted earlier.

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@parableUSMC why don't you try to express your opinion without comparing someone to your little sister? I'm pretty sure everyone would appreciate it. Take a look at our community rules and guidelines.

why do "djenty" bands always seem to have a low amount of tracks on the album?

surely insted of 9 songs (3 of which already released) they should have say, 12 songs, 3 released alreday so at least then the listener doesnt get bored after a few months.

i was looking forward to this but i think it will be like teseracts one. good but boring, over played and over used.

so then how do I have no idea what I'm talking about if you were the same way? They didnt grow on me, it completely changes the dynamic of the music. And quite frankly, its weird that all you guys seek out singers in bands more than the music itself -- thats something my little sister and her friends would do. vocals out.

@ parableUSMC
dude you have no idea where you are talking about. Believe me, the vocals grow on you immensely! First I thought it TOTALLY ruined the awesome music but you have to give it another shot Wink

these vocals are god awful wtf is everyone talking about?

Fuck yes

Sick! Will definately check it!

cover looks sick