The Safety Fire: 'Huge Hammers' music video


The Safety Fire have posted a music video for the track 'Huge Hammers' on YouTube. Watch it below. The track will be featured on their upcoming album 'Grind the Ocean', which is due to be released on February 27, 2012 via Inside Out Music and was announced earlier.

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6 years 26 weeks ago


this guy's cleans are dooooope

What an awesome band and track! hope 2012 is a big year for these guys, though im sure it will be!

this is gonna make them huge. fuckin awesome song!

So djenty rhythm, dope and awesome song.

Love this band, they never disappoint with writing amazing compositions. The vocalists screams are just a bit monotone but I still really dig their unique-ness, especially his cleans.

really cool stuff, vocals r lil bit weird but cool

i love these guys.. by far my favorite band..

um... new favorite band

Very Very Good.

this is incredible! sounds so sweet and original!

Awesome! Our boys done good! 2012 is gonna be huge for these guys

his vocal style was very weird at first, but it seems to turn out to be pretty original and cool.