The Safety Fire: new song 'Huge Hammers', lyric video


The Safety Fire have posted a lyric video for 'Huge Hammers', a song off their upcoming debut full-length album 'Grind the Ocean'. Watch and listen below. The band recently signed to Inside Out Music. 'Huge Hammers' will also be released as a digital single on September 4th in the UK, and will be available in the rest of Europe and North America on September 19th and 20th, respectively.

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Anyone else think of Chad from Mudvayne when they hear the vocals. That sort of scream-singing this guy does sounds very similar to me. Totally dig it. Love Mudvayne.

Listenin again, this track is really great. Lyrics are interesting too. Vocals are awesome.

Fucking great track. When I heard TSF for the first time I thought the vocals SUCKED MAJOR BALLS, but the grew on me. Think they are so awesome in this track

Not much of a fan of the sung vocals, mainly because they're so edited and adjusted that I feel like I'm listening to a vocoder. The music is great though, and I am eagerly awaiting future music.

What doesn't blink, can't dream.

This is actually pretty good. Vocals are great.

I'm completely stoked by this song.

Can't wait for the album. This song is promising of whats to come, for sure.