Seven: new album 'End of the Circle' announced


After calling it quits in March of 2010, Seven have announced on their official website that they will be returning with a new album titled 'End of the Circle'. According to a post on Twitter earlier, the release of this new album is planned for the end of 2012 or early 2013.

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Well, count me as one looking forward to the next album. Cymatics is one of my favorite albums, mainly because it has some great melody/harmony in the vocals along with some meaty grooves. Hope that continues in the next album.

First of all Seven was always just me in the studio. Secondly, a total of 3 songs on Cymatics were constructed mainly from Paul's Ambient Metal Constructions producer packs. A butthurt former bandmember blew this way out of proportion inadvertently making me famous apparently. These were the only Seven songs that were done this way and after what that exploded into--those will remain the only ones! After I quit doing Seven live I've focused on producing bands in my recording studio, Seventh Sounds, but I do occasionally get extra time to work on End of the Circle which is looking more and more like a 2014 release.

So is it just the singer doing this alone now? Has he fessed up to using royalty-free Chimp Spanner tunes to make his music on Cymatics?