SikTh hint at possible reunion, merchandise available


SikTh have set up with an official Facebook page. The page description mentions the possibility of a reunion in the future ("unfinished business" and "we will be back!"), but it also indicates explicitly that "[it] won't happen for a while". Merchandise has been made available as well.

Visit SikTh's official Facebook page.

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Okay hokenstyfe, you clearly got me wrong. Actually my post was a bit too overexcited.
I have been following sikth for a quite long time now. Back then i was a solely tool fan. I just got a bit wet when i read the topic.
I stand behind this movement completely. And i dedicate my life in spreading the word.

Pin has stated that 'nothing new is happenning musically' for the time being, but hasn't denied it completely I suppose.

Maybe they will do what Aliases was supposed to: give us another incredible Pin album !

We will know it when it happens. Laughing out loud


And if that happens I will wet my pants in all possible ways.

You mean there's more than one way? Shock

Bout fuckin time. >:D
I always figured theyd get back together.
There not gonna find the originality and creativity they had together in SiKth.
Cant wait to hear whats they got in store for us.

Consider another sentence: "We all feel a collective rage at the lack of uniqueness in Metal and feel we still offer something important."
They see it as their duty to innovate and do new things. Out of this perspective, it's only natural for them to reject labels, genres and everything that narrows things down in any way.

Sikth never associated themselves with djent and even by their fans and the users here, they were never that closely related to djent. That this news appears on got-djent does not mean that the band does now associate itself with djent, but just that we do.
They are the fathers of some of the stylistic combinations that are common in djent but they are not as much a djent band as many others are.
So if there will be a reunion, it will not be the reunion of a djent band. It will be the reunion of Sikth.

And if that happens I will wet my pants in all possible ways.

i'm not saying they did or didn't say anything, nor did i say i agreed or disagreed with what they might or might not have said, i'm saying the purpose of this specific piece of news is specifically to inform, and to give users the chance to discuss the information in it (probably), and i assume this applies to most pieces of information on this site... there are forum topics elsewhere that discuss the case (or cases) you refer to, and if i'm not mistaken you have participated in them, why not carry on participating there? i'm pretty sure most people are more interested in this magnificent band's possible reunion, than what one of it's members said...


For some, it's about the integrity of a band they support, that makes it fun supporting them in the first place. When the source of the he said/ she said, is coming from THEE main participant, it makes sense, to listen!

What's worse than whiners, children that have no integrity fiber of which to judge against. If it sounds cool and makes you wet, I guess, THALL!!

damn, will you keep the "he-said, she-said, this/that about djent" elsewhere, i believe there are forum topics made specifically for discussing those cases, why don't you discuss that stuff over there, no use whining in every news, review, article, etc.

on another note:

HELL YEAH, siKth reunion someday!

Its just a sub genre of metal. why cant you people just enjoy it and not worry so much about who said what when and why?? Obviously you like/liked the genre enough to be posting on this site. Every genre has potential to be over-saturated with bullshit bandwaggoners. In the end, its entertainment, and if the artist or group is incredibly lucky and doesn't need money (find me someone and I stand corrected) then and only then it might be true art. Otherwise, just enjoy the (peep)show.

@Pietreszcz Hell yeah, FELLSILENT reunion would be jizztastic


Page 4, by dbilidb- What Do You Think, under-Music Discussion. Pissed me I went to look for it.

Residue, does it creep back in? I used to think, you were pretty cool. Nobody has the right, to shit, where they might eat! If we at this site, don't buy their music, who will?

One release, 6 years ago? Yeah...that's a dead day on a death day. See what I just did?

I'm beginning to think, it's better to be an elitist, then an idolizor!

This Bergstrom & residue, worship, of men shitting on their genre, and them not caring, is really getting gay!

Slow it down residue...check the forum...there is a link to a Twitter feed. I believe, posted by dbilidb, a few months back. Doubt it...? Bennane, even commented on it. I am all over those trying to make a name off djent, the wrong way. I get it though, you get moist for all your guys!

i just urinated a couple of drops...

@hokenstyfe: i think you are wrong since:
1) Aliases were at all djent related euroblasts
2) the other guitarist produces enter shikari
3) If it were so, then sikth would be actually allowed to spread crap, because they are the chuck norris of tech metal.
4) point 3 only applies if sikth reunite

So pinney and co. Get your shit together and make one single djizzfest by releasing a new album. Then you can talk crap about the community that follows you...

Ps: i think it was the lamb of god dude (that is so unimportant, since i cant remember his name) that talked shit about our lovely family...
Pps: i love this community...

Didn't one of their guitarists, recently trash all-over djent? There's a thread going on about it! I guess the grass, wasn't greener on the otherside!


okay, after this happens, next stop - Fellsilent reunion!

You have to be fucking kiddin' me.