Slice The Cake sign to Myriad Records, new song 'The Siren's Song'


Slice The Cake have announced on their Facebook page that they have signed to Myriad Records. They will release an upcoming album, titled 'Other Slices', through the new label. View the album's tracklist below.

Moreover, a song off the album, 'The Siren's Song', was uploaded to the Myriad Records' YouTube channel. Listen below.

Additionally, two conceptual EPs, titled 'The Man of Ash and Rust' and 'The Man of Stone and Silver', were announced. The band write: "This duo of EPs will expand upon themes we have flirted with before, while adding to our own conceptual cosmology that was given life with the 'Cleansed' and 'The Man With No Face.' Musically, they will be a big departure from anything you have heard from us previously and will have far more organic production (and real drumming!)" A preview of the upcoming album was posted earlier.

1. Blow Up Voodoo Doll
2. False Illumination
3. Nebulayer Cake
4. The Siren's Song
5. Fractal Exam Sequence
6. A Dance With Dragons
7. 4th Dimensional Obversation
8. Cleansed
9. Genghis Tron, Come Home, We Miss You!
10. The Great Migration
11. Kow Otani's Castle in the Sky

Read the announcement on Facebook.

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"9. Genghis Tron, Come Home, We Miss You!"
Uptokes for this!!!
I miss them too.... LASER BITCH!!!!!

Also, this song rips!
Getting a great Abigail Williams - In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns .. vibe Laughing out loud