TesseracT: first part of European 'Lowering The Tone' tour cancelled


TesseracT have been forced to cancel the first five dates of their 'Lowering The Tone' tour of mainland Europe with Chimp Spanner due to illness. They write: "Due to illness we're having to cancel the first part of the 'Lowering the Tone' tour in Europe with Chimp Spanner... however, we will still be performing at Euroblast on the 22nd October, and the following day with Textures @ Mezz Breda... to everyone that had purchased a ticket and everyone that was planning on coming along we're truly sorry". Chimp Spanner will still be performing at Euroblast on Friday 21st, where they will be headlining the second stage. The dates that have been cancelled are as follows:

15/10 Logo, Hamburg DE
16/10 Magnet, Berlin DE
18/10 Modra Vopice, Prague CZ
19/10 Nachtleben, Frankfurt DE
20/10 Arena, Vienna AT

Read the announcement on the band's Facebook page.

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No my bottom jaw is fine. Eliot's though... Any confirmation of the sickness? Suspicious. So until there is, what are we to think. Besides the give the guy a chance beg and toil, majority of fans on this site are having serious reservations. When have fans of this type of music, in this situation been that off? Any official release? How about a decent live performance? Unless studio recordings are all TesseracT are now going to be after.

is there anything that has been officially released with elliots vocals on it? Im...curious to how good/bad that will sound.

F*ck...I wanted to see them so much Sad

Yeah - these comments are a bit much guys. I find myself getting very annoyed with them.....but then i imagine the person that wrote the comment attempting to say the comment with their bottom jaw missing. Then i have a good laugh.

Good, that will save those poor people from having to suffer through those god-awful vocals.

His dance moves are hot though, especially in those girl-jeans.

Maybe you guys should keep your comments civil and on point. And deal with that, once and for all.

Maybe they have djiarrhea

That's what I wanted to say. They finally understood they took the first singer that could hold a note and realized oops(wtf). This is blowing up in their face like crazy. Should of reached out to Luciani!

VVV You seriously confused me VVV

Maybe they realized Elliot isn't a good fit and they beg Dan to come back and quit that shit band he's supposed to be in now.

Sorry, love TesseracT! But, right after new video surfaces of Coleman's monster moves, sickness strikes! Maybe one positive feedback post and upon further inspection family shouldn't count. Disregard this post!!! After the year I've had with this band. Boy finds band, band rocks boy, singer leaves band, new singer meh!, new singer jumps to the moon, sickness cancels shows. Djentry Overload! Meep...beep...danger Daniel Tompkins...Danger Daniel Tompkins!!!