TesseracT: 'Perspective' EP released, E. Coleman's version of 'Deception'


TesseracT have released a new EP, titled 'Perspective', which is available for purchase from iTunes. Moreover, the band's vocalist, Elliot Coleman, has uploaded his version of the song 'Concealing Fate pt.2 - Deception' to his SoundCloud page. Listen below. He writes: "[...]I figured I share one of the two auditions that got me in the band in the first place. I received 'Deception' literally the night before I went to track it. Some of the timing might be off, but that's because I basically had to learn it while tracking it, as I was not familiar with the tune. Also, I didn't know whether or not to track the backing harmonies, so I left Dan's in there[...]" The band have recently cancelled their appearance at this year's UK Tech Metal Fest.

Buy the EP from iTunes.
Listen to 'Deception' on SoundCloud.

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I'm sorry dan I love you too and give you maddd props however elliot stomps you on this.

Excited for LP 2

I agree that this is the best performance I've heard from the new vocalist, I hope the next release is similar to this...

Blown away by this... I'm really shocked they didn't put this out there sooner! I mean I do understand why... but this is so good I can't help but feel that it would've silenced a few naysayers. Well done Elliot... It's really no surprise that they picked you.

Best of Elliot so far if you ask me. It's not perfectly mixed but the performance is great.

I'm convinced the future of a Elliot Coleman lead TesseracT is bright. Watch...

Not surprised he got the gig from this audition. I think it's superb.