TesseracT rumoured to have new vocalist (updated)


Following an intimate show in Milton Keynes, UK tonight, rumours are spreading about vocalist Dan Tompkins having left TesseracT. Several people who were present at the show claim that the band performed with an American vocalist, whom according to some is Elliot Coleman (Sky Eats Airplane, Of Man Not Of Machine). The news has not been confirmed through any official channels.

UPDATE: A live footage video of Elliot Coleman singing with Tesseract in Milton Keynes has surfaced on YouTube. Watch it below.

UPDATE 2: Dan Tompkins has supposedly left TesseracT because he has been offered to join a pop band. An official statement from the band should be out sometime in the coming week.

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I had no idea, I guess they go farther back then even I knew of lol.
Either way, Abi had an amazing voice, I mean dan was good, but it just didn't have the same feeling.

Abi was second, their first vocalist was Julien Perrier Smile

They need to get Abisola, there first singer back. Way better then these other guys.

Im cheezed what the fuck dan was the shit he mad the bad what it is to day, he also gave them a unique sound that is hard to duplicate. don,t get me wrong the musicianship is outstanding as well and fuck Elliot he's just going to make the band sound like all those generic sounding hardcore bands that all sound the same, Dan stay with Tesseract your there sound with out you it just wont sound the same.

here's the official announcement from the band and Dan. It's not a rumor anymore. http://www.holdtightpr.com/news/article/tesseract-announce-elliot-coleman-as-their-new-vocalist

Personally I'm not hating the Dan decision or the change. I just don't like it, it's different. Honestly, I'm a little bit afraid because I don't know if the leaving of Dan and joining of a new vocal would alter the image of the band, and deeply and most important, their music. So, in my opinion, Tesseract is amazing even without a vocal, but I was actually attached with Dan and his voice, that's why I'm actually a little shocked. It will be different, but I hope that Elliot will do a good work.

I didnt like the clean vocals.. nor the screams... Im not sure this is a good pick...

Although I loved TesseracT with Dan, I trust in the other members' decision with Elliot. Plus, I don't think Elliot's too bad. The only thing is that he might not fit with the band. We'll have to wait and see with their new material.

"he has been offered to join a pop band"
>you mean Piano? he's been a singer of Piano since the beginning, way before he joined Tesseract! anyway Tesseract kick ass even without vocals, I'm sure Elliot can make it even better.

There's nothing to hate in Dan's choice, neither on Tesseract's with Elliot. It's a shame that all of the so called fans, totally deny what this band sings about in a first place... just look at the Concealing Fate titles and you'll see how predictable was the reaction of the public. If you don't want to enjoy what they are doing, then please clean that horrible hatred in your heart and look away, it will only make you an angrier person to hate on the feelings of these wonderful artists.

FUCK. Elliot is a good singer, but it's completely out of Tesseract style. With him it would seems like another post hardcore/metal band. Oh god, FUCK in you.

Tough nuts man... It's not a rumor anymore. The band's silence has broken and their management company will make the official announcement on Tuesday.

I just don't understand it. Dan gives Tesseract the image of a professional and serious band, the elegance. It's simply the perfect "face" of a band. His voice is already part of it, and I can even imagine the band with another vocal. Personally Tesseract is my favorite band, and honestly if they replace Dan, it would be so hard to me to hear them again, because I'm actually get used to it, even if the new vocal is good. I really hope that the rumors aren't true, but if it are, I think Dan would must to rethink it. Obviously, I don't know about his reasons to leave the band and join to a Pop band, in fact it seems really weird to me, but he already have a excellent and almost perfect work and project with Tesseract. So Dan, with all respect, if the rumors are true, please reconsider the decision of leave the band.

Tesseract changed their info on facebook:
Progressive, Groove, Experimental, Metal
Acle Kahney - Guitars
Elliot Coleman - Vocals
Jay Postones - Drums
Metal - Guitar
Mos - Bass
Record label
Century Media
Lowering the TONE since 2007

It's a rumor NO LONGER.

I'm fine with this. Tesseract's singer on the 2007 demo fit their music more naturally, IMO...

EDIT: I just watched the video. He sounds kinda whiney. Meh.

I just died.

This is the biggest waste of talent I've heard in a while if this is true.


Is this a joke, right? Fuck, I hope it's a fucking bad taste joke.

I'm glad I at least saw them 3 times with Dan in it, but Jeze that a shame..
They should get Abi, back on it then!!
That would be epic.

About time!!!

I have always thought Elliot was a wonderful singer, so I really don't mind this change a bit.


What's really starting to piss me off is that some of the 'insiders' (label and band people) feel the need to be all haughty about people making a big deal out of this. This is not an unusual reaction and in fact it's exactly what they wanted.

Elliot does have a style or vocal inflection that some people will not appreciate... But I have been following him since the first OMNOM song was released and the guy has worked tirelessly to improve his technique and ability over the past year. He has grown exponentially in recent months and this could be just the thing to elevate him to greatness. PeteyG from Red Seas Fire made a great point... It's like Jeff Buckley is alive and joined a progressive metal band. Go ahead and hate on Elliot all you want... he'll just use it and work harder to prove you wrong. Does anyone actually think that Acle would allow someone to join the band (his baby) without his full confidence that they could not only meet the current needs of the band but also take them into new (and possibly greater) realms?? Let's be realistic here... If you can't get on board with this, there are plenty of other bands waiting for your attention.

I'm glad now that I didn't buy tickets to see them yet. This sucks Dan's vocals were amazing and fit perfectly. This just isn't the same...very sad news.

Sad news, but Elliot might do a good job there.

Dan said he's gonna record new album with Piano(his first band as I remember) so maybe thats the reason if the rumor is true...anyway I'll support whatever he does as well as TesseracT. they are all super talented musicians.

or Darroh Sudderth leaving Fair to Midland.

this is equivalent to Ian Kenny leaving Karnivool. Sad

(excuse my bad english)
Oh no.
One of about 3-5 clear vocalists I like to hear left a Band,
of which this singing is a big part...-.-

My opinion on it, is that, tesseract needed a new vocals.
Thou Dan was good he was little bit off with Tesseract. I really liked his vocal work in Skyharbors Catharsis, some what he suited better the whole song sounded more complete.

Let's be serious for one second here. Dan may have been good but let's all face the truth. He was by far the weakest link in the band. Getting shot of him for someone as equally talented as the rest of the band can only lead to amazing things.

Real fans of TesseracT should see this as the right move.
Dan's groupies can follow him into whatever career he assumes after this.

Let's hope however comes next for Tesseract is up to the job.

I was about to say I don't like Dan's voice (mainly those live studio performances felt sometimes off key), but listened to the album again in a long time and realized he is the perfect singer for Tesseract.
Hope it's not true

Here's some footage of Coleman performing with TesseracT in Milton Keynes last night:


Dan is my favourite vocalist; this really is the epitome of suck. He better not disappear :c

Elliot can be seen with the band here. I'm really not happy with that performance. Dan wasn't perfect, but Elliot just is NOT a good fit...

This is a shame because no one can compete with Dan's cleans.

NOOOO this can't happen.....Why Dan always realease an album then quit the band? WHY?? Is he gonna concentrate on Piano? I like Elliot's voice but can't be as perfect as Dan...he just can't leave TesseracT...hope this is just a temporary replacement...Sad

First the Icarius EP, then Monuments' vocalists, and finally that... everything goes wrong.

this would be like maynard leaving tool

Why Dan? Why?

i was just about to post about zelliack, they're amazing. his work in haunted shores was really good too...but still this is completely crazy

whats up with all the elliot haters, hes a badass, just go listen to Zelliack!! he will bring so much to their music

This has to be a troll.

I never cared for Elliot's style; a bit whiny. If this is true then Tesseract will be knocked down a notch for me unless Elliot can pull it off.

Okay, so they trade a good slightly girly sounding vocalist for a BAD, VERY girly sounding vocalist. That's just great.

well, at least they left us the incredible ''One''.

I really like elliot coleman's voice, but i don't think it fits tesseract...