TesseracT: touring and album update


TesseracT have posted an update featuring all their upcoming tourdates in the UK, North America and India. They will be playing a warmup show for their USA tour in their homecountry on October 1st at The Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes, UK, supported by Monuments, Heart of a Coward and Visions.

MetalSucks have also posted an update about the US tour, in which they state that the band will be releasing an EP titled 'Concealing Fate', rather than a full-length album, on October 12th. The information supposedly comes from a source at Century Media, with whom the band signed recently. However, the news has not been confirmed anywhere else.

Read the update on www.tesseractband.co.uk.
Read the update on MetalSucks.net.

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TesseracT confirmed it? where?

Just read on MetalSucks ,that the release is for Oct 12, and it is an E.p. The post was confirmed by Tesseract themselves. I guess MetalSucks got the info from C.M before the band did!! LOL

This can't be accurate !! All the statements that the band themselves have posted about all the hard work,and dedication they put into this c.d, wouldn't be true if they were to just push it aside for an E.P. Unless they are going to write all new material for Century Media to put out in 2011. I want to hear the shit they been keeping well under wraps for over a year now !! I don't think this is a good marketing scheme !!

Well without Conealing fate parts 1 - 6 that leaves just about 5 tracks on the album, so unless they're writing and recording a load of extra songs to fill the gap I find this information hard to believe!

That's a clever move, Concealing Fate is a bit experimental and way too progressive for a mainstream metal album. Die hard fans are starving for having something to listen to and don't care if it's a 26 minutes long track or something more classic so it's released as an EP with minimal advertisement to tie die hards wait down. Then the album will be out with more bankable songs, easier to sell.

Apparently there were plans to release such an EP at some point, but I thought they did away with those ages ago. I dunno. Considering the long wait, an EP is not going to be satisfactory Sad

That surely can't be right, it doesn't make any sense at all.

I really hope MetalSucks have got it wrong...