The Haarp Machine: vocalist, drummer and bassist announce departure


Heavy Blog Is Heavy report that vocalist Mike Semesky, drummer Alex Rudinger, and bassist Ollie Rooney decided to leave The HAARP Machine. Mike Semesky comments in his statement: "Due to irreconcilable personal differences with our guitarist Al Mu’min, the three of us [...] have decided to part ways with The HAARP Machine. [...] Rest assured that the three of us are in no way giving up on our music careers and we'd encourage you all to follow our individual YouTube channels to keep up with our tunes while we are in pursuit of our new musical homes." The band's debut album 'Disclosure' was chosen as one of's top 20 releases of 2012.

Read the article on Heavy Blog Is Heavy.

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The Faceless just announced that Alex joined The Faceless!

Lyle left only a few days ago as far as I know, Alex was going to fill in / has filled in for him (not sure if they already played with him). So now everyone is saying he's going to join The Faceless, which I suppose is pretty likely, but it hasn't been confirmed yet.

The Faceless' Facebook page has still Lyle Cooper listed as their drummer. I read in some dudes comment earlier that Rudinger was playing for them now but why and when did Lyle left in the first place?

I heard Alex is now drumming with The Faceless.

As for this Haarp issue, damn. So sad. All three left at the same time? I was wondering when all this "political indifference" was going to come to a head. I couldn't believe all 4 of these guys were on the same page.

Haha. Rock n' Roll.

FUCK!!! But... I'm not surprised. Eastern people are extravagant...
BTW - ending of "Esoteric Agenda" is the most extravagant thing =)

well hopefully after the burial will have a longer set then

no fecking way...

Sad cat is indeed sad Sad

So no Haarp Machine for the Born Of Osiris tour? Damnit. Really wanted to judge all the stuff being said about their live performances myself.

Bummer... was looking forward to seeing them next month.

Ironically enough, I was just listening to this CD heavily this week as when it came out, I was so buried in other new releases I never really listened to this. The vocals and drums were the best thing about the CD in my opinion so I hope these three guys start a band together in the same vein.

Whoa... I wonder what happened. This is unfortunate, but maybe a new project will come from those three. Alex Rudinger is one of my favorite drummers, even before he joined The HAARP Machine, so I am not too worried about him... As for the other two, I have no idea....