TLOED Facebook page releases compilation album


The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen Facebook page has released volume one of a compilation album, which is available for free download from Mediafire. The Tracklisting is as follows:

  1. Chronicles - The Damned (Instrumental version)
  2. Machinist - Descent
  3. Last Chance to Dance - The Ills of Johann Schmidtt
  4. Keep the Change, Despair - Sail Away
  5. The Schoenberg Automation - The Wood House Sakati Syndrome
  6. I, The Omniscient - Hostile Entity
  7. Collision Process - Emperors
  8. Broken Torment - Bound by blood
  9. Aurora - Metropolis
  10. Re:inanimate - Nemesis
  11. Akeldama - Practically Perfect
  12. Sensory Amusia - Auditory Cortex
  13. Sons Of Belial - New Arrivals
  14. Spiralmountain - Fade

Read the announcement on Facebook.
Download the album from Mediafire.

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Are those just random songs or is it like an "into to djent" type album? Cause if it is they missed a few...

Laughing out loud