Tre Watson: 'Death of a Monarch' re-release available


Tre Watson has made a re-release of his album 'Death of a Monarch' with some slight changes to the tones and production. It is available for streaming and for a "name your price" download from his Bandcamp page. Listen below. He has also included a song off his upcoming 'Gravestones ' EP as well as the guitar tabs for the songs 'Pluto', 'My Nan and the Amtran' and 'Northern Missouri'. A teaser for his upcoming EP was posted earlier.

Stream/download the album from Bandcamp.

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i tried man, i REALLY, REALLY did...

so many plans fell through, vocalists, dropped out, people made promises they had no intentions of keeping.

so i just decided to not do it.

I'm confused, thought Tre was adding vocals to these songs. That aside I dig the improved tone and such.