Tre Watson: 'Gravestones' EP released


Tre Watson has released a new EP, titled 'Gravestones ', which is available for streaming and for "name your price" download from his Bandcamp page. Listen below. A re-release of his album 'Death of a Monarch' was made earlier.

Stream/download the EP from Bandcamp.

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Incredible EP!! My personal favorite song is The Mortal Coil Smile

the track Dancing on Gravestones is a masterpiece!

Now this I like!

That is one heck of an album! Great transitions, love the verstility!

Cameron Barton's solo on Mortal Coil is sick

What an EP.
Dancing on Gravestones is probably one of my favourite tracks of the year.
Just wow.

Splendid, m'dear Watson.

so. much. win.

The final track is awesome.