Uneven Structure: 'Februus' preview available


Uneven Structure have released a 7 minute preview of their long-awaited debut album 'Februus' on their Soundcloud page and their new Youtube channel. In the description they write the preview is from the middle of the first half of the album. It is a first extract, so we will probably see other extracts popping up in the near future. There is no definite release date for 'Februus' yet, but it will be released in 2011.

Listen to the 'Februus' extract on Soundcloud.


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btw i listened to scar symmetry... nothing like these guys. Uneven structure doesnt suck ass.

hahahahah what a tool. why even bother posting if you're just gonna menstruate all over everybody? anyway, this sounds promising. live bootlegs? anybody? are they playing shows in north america? 8 is a very tasty appetizer, but i think i speak for more than myself when i say FEBRUUS NOW! <- positive caps.

Sweet contribution. I'm glad you decided to hop on a site called got-djent, because the bands won't all be at least utilizing some form of that sound or anything. But what do I know, or meshuggah for that matter. What do any of these bands know? I guess you should create a new style of music and show us all how it's done....

p.s. talking in caps to emphasize your point totally makes you super awesome.

Lame! NOt original AT ALL Sounds like Scar Symmetry!!! Djent is WAY over-hyped you kids might as well be emo!!!

Not sure what you listened to Jazzertron

I can tell you that they are hoping to release it as soon as possible (it's pretty much done), but keep in mind that they don't even have a label yet. You may need to exercise some patience Tongue

very cool. has anyone in Uneven Structure hinted more towards when this will actually be released?

Um.. overhyped? first couple minutes were slow and lame. skipped through most of it.

very cool, love the melodic bits. cant wait to sit down and listen to the whole album in a zoned out trance Smile

ah hell, my mind is fucking blown. Is that guy's back facing us? or his stomach?

Whoa that was pretty sweet. Vocalist really is good. Loving it dudes...

These Februus teasers are pure torture. I must have this album immediately.

it's actually not really a step up, assuming you meant that as in a step up from "8", because "8" was supposed to have a different sound and feel to it than "Februus" will Smile!

this is sick!

What a huge step up

yay! Smile

Le sweet!

Don't forget to sub their newly created Youtube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/UnevenStructure

Fucking love it, can't wait for the other preview (and the full album, of course!)