Uneven Structure part ways with drummer, replacement announced


Basick Records have announced on their website that drummer Christian Schreil has left Uneven Structure "to pursue other interests". He writes: "It is to my greatest sadness that I have to tell all of you that Uneven Structure and I are going to go separate ways. This is not happening as a result of bad cooperation or anything like that, 'tis simply a matter of me not being able to put all my heart and soul into what I'm doing as part of my contribution to the band." The band have already announced Jean Ferry as a replacement, and a rehearsal video featuring him on drums can be watched below. Ferry played his first gig for the band recently in Moscow, whereas at last years Euroblast festival Mike Malyan of Monuments stood in.

Read the announcement on Basick Records website.

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awww, the smiley guy is gone. That makes me sad. However, I am in awe of the new guy's skills.

You mean the drummer making the awesome faces in the music video isn't in the band anymore... Noooooooo


So so tight, they definitely recruited the right guy.

Man, he grooves this material so well, and so effortlessly! I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that US have some of the most challenging drum parts I've ever worked on, and its such a pleasure to see someone that confident and comfortable inside it. Can't wait to see him in action at the basick showcase!!

a solid replacement. you have to be one hell of a drummer to perform this fucked up stuff. Smile and major props to mike for euroblast replacement (I would love to know how much time he spent rehearsing the set list (I noticed he had a drum score on)). damn. Smile