Vildhjarta recruit new vocalist


Vildhjarta have seemingly recruited a new member by the name of Vilhelm Bladin. The list of band members on their Facebook page was recently modified, with vocalist Robert Luciani being removed and Vilhelm Bladin being added, which seems to indicate that he is the band's new vocalist alongside Daniel 'Mynd' Ädel.

Vilhelm Bladin is also a member of death metal band Iscaroth, with whom he can be heard on the band's Myspace page.

This news comes shortly after the announcement that Vildhjarta's debut album is completed and has been sent to Jens Bogren for mastering. This seems to imply that the album was recorded with Vilhelm. Robert was recently announced as the vocalist of Means End, a collaboration with Rasmus Hemse, Leonard Östlund and Uneven Structure drummer Christian Schreil.

Vildhjarta will be performing at this year's edition of Euroblast Festival alongside Mnemic, Textures, TesseracT, and many others, which will take place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd.

View the member listing on the band's Facebook page.

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I come from the future to say: Yes they will.

they care about the vocals.

I sensed it when I heard Vildhjarta - Eternal Golden Monk....oO
I dont want death metal vocal in will sound like 90% of djent bands....
Hope Means End will rock my socks out. Shock

Hm. Should be interesting having a death metal vocalist in the mix. Gonna miss Rob's cleans though.

who cares about the vocals, clean or not -- better off instrumental. Over kill city with that nonsense.

I just hope he's as good at clean singing as the old one

A pity that the old vocalist left the band.
He was good.
But I just heard Iscaroth on Youtube and I can't say I don't like what I hear from the new vocalist...

Its a shame he left vildhjarta. But Means end's teaser sounds beyond amazing so im not bitching. haha

This album is going to rock your sox off! It's going to be even harder then their previous stuff!
Calle showed me a few snippets some time and they where EXTREMELY INTENSE!

@jordy666sic: If you liked the cleans Robert did in Vildhjarta check out the stuff he dose with us in Means End!
In my my opinion (although I might be a bit bias since I'm in the band) he takes his clean vocals to a new level!

Whaaaat.. He was a part of Vildhjarta! His clean vocals where the shit, though his lows weren't that good.. Got to check out there new vocalist.