Vildhjarta: 'Thousands of Evils' EP details revealed


Release details for Vildhjarta's upcoming EP 'Thousands of Evils' have appeared on Amazon. The EP contains 8 tracks and will be released on September 30th via Century Media Records. View the track listing and artwork below.

UPDATE: details are also available on the Century Media Records website.

1. Introduction: Staos 2:39
2. Längstmedån 3:02
3. Dimman 4:07
4. Regnar Bensin 2:20
5. En mörk vit lögn 2:10
6. Dimman från lützen 3:57
7. Intermezzo 1:51
8. Mist förståndet 3:59

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Just got the instrumentals, freakin' badass. It is very different, I am hearing a lot I could not before, mainly that echoing clean guitar in the background.

Now I can make a data disc of this with Joy of Motion and Altered State. Any reccomendations would be sweet cuz I gotta fill those 702 MB and I don't wanna use Periphery 1 and worC since they're old.

Also, they said they still have vinyl available, you should get one of the shirts are badass. I don't even have a record player, it's my first record.

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This post on facebook says it all.!/photo.php?fbid=10151629300642322&id=112205392321&set=a.400853662321.180706.112205392321&__user=100001236677062

Still hoping for a cd version. I wonder what the vinyl is gonna look like.



Yeah -G-, I didn't hear that. I don't see Century Media doing that. CD's make up a good portion of their sales, offering bundles and the like. It does seem odd though, as the release is this upcoming week.

...maybe? Puzzled

Wait is there a Disc version? Heard it was only LP and download.



FUCK YEAH! I waited it so long.. And it is there!! YEAH!!1

word its pree epic, still waiting to buy physical copy as well.. leaked version isnt greatest quality

Found it leaked, will not link out of respect for thall

It is the most amazing thing ever, will buy physical copy


They never said it was a full length, they were very specific about it being an EP and not a second full length.

Maybe I am missing it. Where can I preorder this in the U.S.? I went to Century Media and...I don't see it. Amazon. Same thing.

American fans. Where?


I would translate (Dimman, dimman från Lützen) it into fog instead of mist.

Fog is a cloud bank that is in contact with the ground. Fog is usually the only clouds that touch the ground and it only differs slightly from other clouds in that it touches the surface of the Earth. The same cloud that is not fog on lower ground may be fog where it contacts higher ground such as hilltops or mountain ridges.

Mist is a phenomenon of small droplets suspended in air. It can occur as part of natural weather or volcanic activity, and is common in cold air above warmer water, in exhaled air in the cold, and in a steam room of a sauna. It can also be created artificially with aerosol canisters if the humidity conditions are right.

The only difference between mist and fog is density and its effect on visibility. A cloud that reduces visibility to less than 1 km (about 1,094 yards or 0.62 miles) is called fog, whereas it's called mist if visibility range is between 1 and 2 km. (source

The swedish word dis is closer to mist.

Dimma innebär att luften är så bemängd med små vattendroppar att sikten är mindre än 1 km. Är sikten mellan 1 km och 1 mil talar man istället om dis. (source:

'Dimman från Lützen' also translates into 'The fog from Lützen' not over Lützen.

No you shouldn't be concerned -- you should be proud that a band that talented can put out music that speaks for itself. Over abundance of instrumentals in their full length are you serious? It's bad enough to have one mediocre vocalist, but two? Plus the mark of a professional is to let the music breathe, those ass clowns didn't miss a beat, once one stopped the other picked up.

It's people like you that make extraordinary bands feel they're not a complete band without the spotlight of some guy with a microphone that says stuff. Really cool.

Nah instrumentals are good man. If you want vocals go listen to the 90% of music that has vocals. Djent is about the guitar tone, not the vocals. Although I will say Vildhjarta has some badass vocals so I don't mind either way. By the way i'm neutral with you on Måsstaden's instrumentals... they're for atmospheric purposes and i'm sure the alternative would've just made each track sound like 'The Lone Deranger' with that long quiet intro. It's their first album, so it was a smart move because they're setting up the scene with those instrumentals, and it just leaves you wanting more. I sure hope that isn't the album art... but oh well i'll just use the first one that has their name and logo if it is. But FINALLY I can pre-order this and forget about it and stop checking the web all them damn time.

This is the only djent band that respects the real metal scene... anyone notice Meshuggah's guitar tone in Koloss? It's not djent! "Trends and other diseases" indeed. (From Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects Version 3.33; originally by Mats & Morgen)

Should I be concerned that the longest song in the CD is a damn instrumental? The over abundance of instrumentals really held back their first full length in my opinion.

As for a new full length called "Thall", could you please cite your sources? Sounds promising...

They are coming out with a new full length early next year called Thall, just fyi.

Also, I'm stoked this is coming out on my birthday Laughing out loud

dont get it twisted, these dudes are killing it

Surely everyone hoped for something a little lengthier -- but look at this way: Veil of Maya's full length record, Eclipse, is only 4 minutes longer Wink

I'm sad this is so short. I was under the impression they were working on a follow up full length Sad

I'm sure I'll love it anyway.


Okay, non-swedes;

Introduction Staos
The Mist
Raining Gasoline
A dark, white lie
The mist over lützen (historical swedish battlefield in the 1600-s)
Lost your mind


I'm really looking forward to this. I always felt if any band could replace Meshuggah, it's Vildhjarta.