Which are the best djent releases of 2011? Pick your favourites!


Which are your favourite djent releases of 2011? Vote now!

2011 has been an excellent year for djent, with many bands finally releasing their long awaited debuts. It's time for our 'top releases of 2011' poll. We've still got a month to go, but we suspect that most of you will need some time to figure this one out, given the amount of good music that has been released in the past year!

All registered users can select up to five favourite releases of 2011. To participate, go to the Favourite releases of 2011 page. You can also find it in the sidebar under Home > Releases > Top releases of 2011. On this page, you will find a list of all releases in our database that came out this year, each of which you can add to your favourites. You can also view your current selection of favourites. You can only select five releases in total, so choose wisely!

You'll need to be logged in for this. If you don't have a got-djent.com account yet, but you'd like to participate, you can create an account here. It only takes a few minutes!

At the end of the year, we will compile and publish a ranking. Check out last year's winners here. Help us out and get voting! As always, refresh the page if it looks a bit weird. If it still looks weird after that, get in touch and we'll do what we can to fix it.

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This is my short review if someone wants to read... They're in order by my ranking.

1. Structures - Divided by: Very aggressive and technical music. Except the punk-rocky vocals in some tracks (and some funny retarded kids in the mosh pit in live videos Laughing out loud ), but still very good.

2. Noiseware - Wake up and Soar [EP]: Great band from India, very good tone on the 8 strings. It's aggressive too, but has some slow clean parts. Can't wait the full length album...

3. Uneven Structure - Februus: I was really disappointed at the first listening by multiple reasons. I really loved the 8 [EP], so this is much gayer (not just because of the clean vocals...), has too much ambience and also boring. I think the music is too quiet for the vocals. But I keep listening the first 3 track in one piece, and it's very good.

4. Vildhjärta - Måsstaden: I was more disappointed by this than Februus... Vildhjärta was the 1st djent band I started to listen, and this album is a lot different than that was... I think Luciani has the best clean vocals in this "scene", so it was a big mistake to change him. This new clean singer can't even pronounce the words correctly, it fucks my ears every time I try to listen Traces. It was really good to read some other peoples' post where they pissed off too, because the album teasers consisted a lot different music... But apart from these it's still good and this dark mood is enjoyable, even though they ruined some good old songs (Traces, Deceit, etc.). My friend and I hope they will release the instrumental version of this album. It will be much better without vocals.

5. Animals as Leaders - Weightless: This is much better than their first album. The music is really heavy and the higher parts/solos are weightless indeed. Also like the bassy tone. I'm not a big fan of this style (I'm a Meshuggah fan, so I prefer heavy music.), but it's a very good job.

(Sry for grammatical mistakes, English isn't my native language. Smile )

Just counted the list of djent bands' releases in my actual top albums of 2011, in total there are 18 bands on there lol

But for the top 5 for the site, I chose Vildhjarta, Uneven Structure, Born Of Osiris, SeeS and Substructure

Choosing 5 is simply impossible.. I think i would have a much easier time choosing like 7