Which are the best djent releases of 2012? Pick your favourites!


Which are your favourite djent releases of 2012? Vote now!

The year is almost over, so it's time for got-djent.com's favourite releases of 2012! Well over 500 albums in our database came out this year, so it's going to be tough battle.

All registered users can select up to five favourite releases of 2012. To participate, go to the Favourite releases of 2012 page. You can also find it in the sidebar under Home > Releases > Favourite releases of 2012. On this page, you will find a list of all releases in our database that came out this year, each of which you can add to your favourites. You can also view your current selection of favourites. You can only select five releases in total, so choose wisely!

You'll need to be logged in for this. If you don't have a got-djent.com account yet, but you'd like to participate, you can create an account here. It only takes a few minutes!

The poll will be open until January 6th, 2013. After that, we will compile and publish a ranking. Check out last year's results here. Help us out and get voting!

update: the poll has been closed, thanks to all participants!

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Of course man!

Periphery will be in the top 10 for sure, but the #1 spot will probably go to Meshuggah/Monuments/Hacktivist, either one of those 3.

Interesting...maybe because their just not commenting but, the PII fans don't seem to be as festive as years before, no?

Could Periphery not be the over-all, end of the year favorite? Ummm...

Depths - Pizza party EP Laughing out loud

Hacktivist, Elitist, Haarp Machine, Monuments and Circle of Contempt

Syqem - Reflections of Elephants
Periphery - Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
Miroist - The Pledge
Aviations - A Declaration of Sound
Meshuggah - Koloss


Monuments Gnosis ...

i think that ultimate breath should have been on the list. just for the multiverse track alone.

I started the voting of the Top 10 Djent albums and EPs on Reddit.

Click Here and Vote!

Alright, seriously, I just had to bump Monuments - Gnosis off my list for Twelve Foot Ninja's debut album Silent Machine. Just bought it today - loved it - bought their first 2 EPs straight after that. That's how good these guys are! For cereal, do yourself a favour: LISTEN TO THIS. If you like Faith No More and you like metal - you will love this. Garn git it up ya khaants!

Number Seven - Blueprints (Full-length)
The Algorithm - Polymorphic Code (Full-length)
Skylines - Skylines (Full-length)
Mindscape Laboratory - EP 2012 (EP)

"If RXYZYXR- LMNTS is not on your top five, It is probably because you have not heard it yet."


Absent Distance - Common Ghost of the Lifelines
Abstract Reason - Abstract Reason
Ascariasis - Ocean of Colour
Asura Crying - Echo
Aviations - A Declaration of Sound
Bleeding Skies - I Choose To Awaken
Ceruleus - Trenches
Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here
Coronado - Awake in Silence
Exotype - Emerge
Fail Emotions - Speed of Light
Genesis Not Planet - All Turn To Dust
Hacktivist - Hacktivist
Heart of a Coward - Hope and Hindrance
Hypno5e - Acid Mist Tomorrow
I built the sky - I built the sky
Intervals - In Time
Memoirs - We Fall Apart
Miroist - The Pledge
Monuments - Gnosis
Novallo - EP
Ophelia's Breath - New World
Rxyzyxr - LMNTS
S4D - S4D
Sequence Of Discord - Namaste
She Was The Universe - Whalesong
Shokran - Sixth Sense
Solace - Call & Response
The Contortionist - Intrinsic
The Korea - Chariots Of The Gods
The Haarp Machine - Disclosure
The Omega Experiment - The Omega Experiment
The Pandemonium - Tyrannis
The Ralph - Fragments
The Safety Fire - Grind the Ocean
VI-X - Inane
Visions - Demur

Sorry for long comment.

It has not much to do with the Labels but with the bands that make their own decisions.

"I think major labels make you get a singer regardless how badass the music is" Quit music, now

skyharbor - blinding white noise
the korea - the chariots of gods
heart of a coward - hope and hindrance
solace - call and response
overdown - ethereal
monuments - gnosis
limit zero - gravestone constellations
glass cloud - the royal thousand
periphery - II

If RXYZYXR- LMNTS is not on your top five, It is probably because you have not heard it yet.

Agreed that Monuments was nothing that great. Top choices for me are Skyharbor and The Contortionist, the others are up in the air.

Stealing Axion and The Contortionist are the only obvious picks for me. Monuments was solid but not spectacular.

That's why I like "Bulb" no singing to distract amazing guitar work

Periphery was phenomenal when they were instrumental, so was Monuments. I think major labels make you get a singer regardless how badass the music is, but I'm not too sure.....

We voted for the smaller badass bands!!!

To me this is really hard because...I feel E.P's should be separate from Full length's. Hard to even compare them. Should be pick 5 full length's and 5 E.P's would make it much more easier and fun.

Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast ~=> As Oceans
The Great Destroyer ~=> Virulent
Danza IIII ~=> The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Koloss ~=> Meshuggah
The Fantasy Effect ~=> Reflections
Chariots From The Gods ~=> The Korea
Moments ~=> Stealing Axion
Intrinsic ~=> The Contortionist
Inane ~=> VI-X
Gravestone Constellations ~=> Limit Zero
Hope And Hindrance ~=> Heart Of A Coward
Eclipse ~=> Veil Of Maya
Redirect ~=> Your Memorial
Blinding White Noise: Illusion & Chaos ~=> Skyharbor

These are the top candidates in my book. They're all worth checking out if you haven't thus far.

Monuments and Periphery's new releases were both disappointments that were ruined by the vocals IMO. For Periphery the cleans ruin it, even though Spencer's vocals are perfect (ten times better in all regards) at live shows. And for Monuments the screams ruined it, he simply can't keep up with pace of the music at times, the record should have been all cleans.

Picking 5 is hard but Monuments and periphery are obvious choices..

The Korea - Chariots of The Gods: Such an amazing CD regardless of whether I understand the vocalist.

Hearth Of a Coward - Hope and Hindrance: This Cd took me by surprise, It has so much emotion and groove, I love it!

Its all about Monuments and Periphery

I didn't see The Faceless CD "Autotheism." Would have definitely voted for that CD!

this year it's gonna be pretty damn hard....

I noticed that some bands' releases are being proposed for Got-Djent.com release of 2012, even though their releases are not yet available. Kartikeya being one....I Just forgot the others....damn. (Edit: Pomergranate Tiger)

I know you said some bands are not up for a vote, though they promised that their release Would be released by the end of the year.

So this is just a FYI, as on their band pages, there is also no date or a (?) For date of release. Big smile

That was sooooo hard to pick only 5!!!! I left off a couple of the big name releases (Meshuggah, Periphery) as, I'm sure, they'll get plenty of nods from crew, and put in a couple of EPs from new bands that blew me away (Intandem, When Our Time Comes) just because they were so damn good. Good luck everyone with your choices!

If you haven't already, I suggest you listen through "Enough Light To Warrant The Contrast" by "As Oceans" before you create your top 5 list.

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Bottom right

This is a frequently asked question, so perhaps you could read our FAQ and find out Tongue

And how do I do that? I see no "add band" button in the site!

Instead of whining about it, you could just add it to our database if you think that is the case, and then it'll show up on the list automatically.

This list is bunk! You forgot "Oddland" who I think put out one of the best albums this year and yes they qualify as Djent!

This is going to be a tough one!

Hokenstyfe: we don't do separate free download votes because we want to keep things simple for us and for the voters Smile There will be a top 10 of free download lists, but it will based on the same votes as the full top 20.

Yeah, this is crazier than the crusades. 2012 was such a long year! Too much great stuff to choose from. Would be nice if there was a split between LP's and EP's, or free vs. paid. Or if it was just 'pick your top 10', I think I could narrow it down to that.

This was really tough for me. There were a lot of good releases this year. I definitely had to put Car Bomb in my top 5

So no separate lists for, 'Free Downloads'? I find all my 'Top 5' are paid for releases. I would've liked to vote separately, for the 'Free Downloads'.

Would have voted for Slice The Cake, but I don't consider them to be djent, they DO have some djenty moments though.

Edit: When new CoC drops I'm pretty sure I'll be adding it to my list though hahaha

Well, 2012 is not over yet Smile But it's true that many releases which were originally announced to be released in 2012 probably won't come out until next year. Not much we can do about that, unfortunately. If there is a release that definitely won't come out this year, feel free to update the release date in our database and then it will automatically disappear from the list as well.

Lots of featured releases are not out yet=|