worC: new track 'The Phallic Shotgun'


Uneven Structure guitarist Aurélien Pereira, a.k.a. worC, has released a new track titled 'The Phallic Shotgun' which is available for free download from his SoundCloud page. Listen below. He has also uploaded a playthrough video for the song to YouTube. Watch it below. An instrumental solo EP 'When The Day Forms' was released last year.

Stream/download the new song from SoundCloud.

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Download limit reached!? Sad Otherwise it's still cool...

Chimp Spanner shirt... Fuck yeah!


Cool song! Smile

Very sick! Didn't know he could shred like that (:

Snyggt jobbat hördu, läcker tapping!

Very talented, yet, very redundant.

Aure has some ridiculous talent, can't stop listening to this.

Bajs är roligt.

Beastly. Also, Chimp Spanner shirt \m/

Definitely at the top of my djent favorites right now. This dude is doing some really interesting stuff.