Xerath complete Euroblast festival lineup


Xerath have just been announced as special guest for this year's edition of Euroblast festival, which takes place in Cologne, Germany on October 21st-22nd. This is the final addition to the festival lineup, which features 24 bands in total. View the festival poster with the full lineup below. Tickets are available from the Euroblast festival website.

Afekth - Aliases - Chimp Spanner - Cruentus - Destiny Potato - Devastating Enemy - Disconcrete - Disperse - Illucinoma - Kryn - Mnemic - Monuments - Panzerballett - Proghma-C - Shattered Skies - Subversion - Sybreed - The Algorithm - TesseracT - Textures - Uneven Structure - Vildhjarta - Visions - Xerath

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Yes! Very much approved :3

I'm inclined to agree Smile

That line up is incredible...

DAMN YOU GERMANY for having the most awesome festival ever.