1337' leet

Budapest, Hungary


  • Daniel Végh aka FeroxX

1337' leet is the solo project of me Daniel Végh from Hungary.

Im doing the vocals-guitars-drum programming-samplers on my tracks, but there will be some vocal collaborations too.

I'm mainly a vocalist, but I'm playing guitar for a half of a year. My point is to make some weird experimental and fresh stuff, i like using extreme contrasts and strange unusual stuffs in my music. I wouldnt call it technical, it rather goes for the groove and the feel, and for the mixing of genres and moods of different things.


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Try to focus more on detail and playing in the single parts and to make the songs fit more together. Even if you use different emotions and styles in one song, it can have one concept. Then your work could get much better.

You can't buy talent.