Abstract Deviation

Samara, Russia


  • Alexander Zaitsev - Guitar, Programming, Soundproduction
  • Pink Lion - Guitar
  • Alexander Buslaev - Bass
  • Sfera - Drums
  • Andrew Sazonov - Electronics, Programming
  • Sashk Only - Vocals

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Abstract Deviation is a Progressive metal / Experimental / Djent band from Russia.

We are first russian band in this genre, have a touring/plating experience with Animals as Leaders, The Chariot, Tesseract, Vildhjarta, Uneven Structure, Xerath in Russia.

We use Music Man guitars and basses, Agile guitars, Line6 POD HD500, Elixir, Warwick and Ernie Ball strings.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Abstract Deviation EP
On Air! April 21, 2011
Aliedora EP
On Air! June 28, 2011
Cyanea EP
Self-released March 31, 2012
(Almaghost) Compilation
unknown October 18, 2012
Layers Full-length
unknown August 5, 2013
The Day I Would Never Have EP
unknown November 12, 2014
Terpsihora Full-length
unknown April 10, 2017


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excellent guys!! waiting for a full-length album, or at least new tracks!)

Thaaaank u very much=)maybe in june you will hear our full-length=)sorry for my english))

Come to Ivanovo guys!!!

Круто ребята шпилите...респект!!!!

отлично отлично, всем россиянам привет)

Hey guys, please post comments in English, this is an international website Smile

ok Wink


Um... If it's "international", they should be able to speak any language they want to. I'm just sayin, thats what the word means.

"International" means "between nations", not "multi-national". Thus, in such an envoirenment you shouldn't use national languages but languages that are spoken and understood in most or all partaking nations, parallel to the national language. English is one of the most common of such languages because it has been a worldwide buisness standard-language for decades now, so it is not nation-bound any more.

Ok, so if theoretically, I wanted to speak Mandorin being that it is one of the, if not THE most commenly spoken language on the business market I could? I'm really not trying to be a smartass, I just think this is interesting.

I actually thought about this, too. I think you could say that those buisness languages or languages spoken by far more than one nation in general are not nation-bound but still in some way region-bound.
Of course, Mandarin is a language that can be used in an international context because it is also understood by many people that are not from China. But that does at least not necessarily mean that it is spoken as a standard language in every part of the world.

I guess what language to use in an international context depends on the nationalities that participate in this context. As got-djent is obviously mainly Europe (as a continent)/USA based, the most obvious choice of language would be English because most of the countries included in those two regions teach it as a standard language for international communication.
If there were more Asians or South-Americans in this community, things could be way more difficult.

Okay then, I'll make it simple: you have to speak English because we say so Tongue

Ok, that makes sense. Nice having a civilized discussion with somebody on the internet!

P.S. Dear Mod who makes snobby comments... I couldn't give a shit less what you say XP

Well, you had better give a shit what I say, because what I say goes. And also, it's admin, not mod. My website, my rules Tongue

To: Glorified Mod

First off, my original comment was never mean't to question anyones authority, nor was it meant to offened. I was simply interested in the guidlines and why they are in place.

Secondly, I was having a lovley chat with the other fellow and that chat did not require your "I'm In Charge" attitude.

Thirdly, I really don't care for people with power trips. Not only do I still not give a shit what you say but, now you've managed to make yourself look like an egotistical asshat.

Go Pound Sand,


Love it when people alienate themselves like that. Excellent place for being a troll, because one day one of these rising bands will call him out on stage. Ouch.

As for Abstract Deviation: one of my favorites, excellent fusion of sounds. Give us more!

Yes, good sound, good presentation, just a good band all around. Meowzer, please excuse me from directing the main focus off the thing that matters most, the band.


My original response to your comment was in jest. I thought this was clear, but I seem to have misjudged it. Your response in turn was to call my comment 'snobby' and use vulgar language, so I saw it fit to respond again in a fashion similar to yours.

I do not have an "I'm In Charge" attitude, as the moderation team of this site will tell you, but when people start violating the rules we have set out for this community (and I'm not talking about the language rule now, but rather the 'no personal attacks' and 'content policy' rules), I will not hesitate to point this out.

I absolutely resent you calling me an 'egotistical asshat'. I run this site as a non-profit project to help you and other djent aficionados discover the djent scene. It costs me a lot of time and money. How is that egotistical? It is really discouraging for me to have to deal with remarks like this.

Moreover, I found it somewhat strange that the first comment you made on this website, right after signing up, is regarding our policies. Why not be a productive community member and comment on our content instead?

I'm not going to lie to you, I never read the polices. I assumed that they we're all about copyright and such. So considering I don't really upload stuff I did not read it. My mistake.

As for the comment in "jest", I've found it is alway hard for me to make sense of someones mood over text or email without having their facial expressions to read.

I apologize If I have offended you. This was not the original intent of my comment, nor did I realize that you we're the site admin until after I responded to your second comment (I then decided to look at you profile).

As I said, I apologize If I have offended you in anyway. I also see that the sever (and I assume you) are based in Texas. May I ask where?

As I said, I guess I misjudged the polyinterpretability of my comment, so I apologise as well. Glad we could sort this out in a civilised manner Smile

The website is hosted on a VPS, which is housed in a datacenter in Dallas, Texas. We are currently evaluating the merits of moving to a different hosting company, which would mean that the server's location would change to Newark, New Jersey. This would mainly benefit our European users (better response times from the east coast), whilst not disadvantaging our American users too much (about half of our users are from the American continent, so it makes sense to host the site there, even though the team behind the site is 80-90% European). The move was actually planned for after the Euroblast competition, but now our current hosting company has just adjusted their rates, which makes the decision quite difficult, so it's not certain that this will happen in the near future.

когда в москву?

Maybe in november=)

Epic band!

Vocalist http://soundcloud.com/zachary-kelemen, maybe he could help, good luck.

good job!
nice arrangements!
keep it up!