Achokarlos Band

Cartagena, Spain


  • Achokarlos
  • Marta Carrion
  • Jose Antonio "Jevi"
  • Rob Marco

ACHOKARLOS band was formed in 2004 as a “one man band” by Achokarlos, who composes, records and mixes all compositions. After a few years of creation, all those songs were united to give birth to “Parametric Milk” in 2008. Strongly influenced by bands like Death, Pantera, Textures and even Dream Theater. A mix of shredding and progressive death, all instrumental songs.
After this release, Achokarlos was finalist at DEAN Guitars contest among thousands of guitar players from all around the world in late 2008. Achokarlos' youtube videos, some getting over 10 million views, helped the artist to be a better known musician in the metal world.

After that, Achokarlos decided to leave the heavy shredding and focus more on brutality and did compose songs for the next release “Forget all you know” in 2009. Full technical progressive death metal album. Achokarlos sings on this album aswel.
After that release Achokarlos decided that the sound he is looking for would be more experimental and atmospherically strongly influenced by Devin Townsend with the heavy sound of 8 string guitars.
He decided to compose an album called “Mind Landscapes” in 2010. On this album, he has special collaborations like members from CYNIC, DAATH, TEXTURES, VORTICE, and many more.

A new album was released in september 2012, and it's called “Kill the light”. An experimental progressive metal, mixed with death metal, jazz fusion, avant-garde, djent metal and even electronic stuff like dubstep, drum&bass. Like the “Mind Landscapes” album, this album was recorded with 8 strings guitars which implies a very deep and dense sound. This time "Kill the light" has also VIP collaborations by members from bands like Hamlet, Marta Carrion, and even Derek Shereinian (ex-Dream Theater).

Other stuff:
Achokarlos also plays in Exquisite Pus (Wacken Metal Battle Spain winners 2011) and Symptoms of Lethargy. He also teaches guitar techniques on (among many musicians from bands like Lamb of God, Periphery, Gojira, Between the Buried and Me, Obituary, Soilwork ,Devin Townsend, etc) and also is a session musician in his own studio “Acho Studios” in Cartagena, south east Spain.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Parametric Milk Full-length
Unsigned February 1, 2008
Forget All You Know Full-length
Unsigned June 17, 2009
Mind Landscapes Full-length
unsigned October 5, 2010
Kill the Light Full-length
Unknown September 24, 2012
Youtube Music Vol. 1 Compilation
Self-Released January 13, 2013
Youtube Music Vol. II Compilation
Self-Released January 20, 2014
Symptoms of Lethargy EP
unknown August 31, 2014
Icebergs EP
unknown January 29, 2016


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Damn dude just make some Djent or something your Deathmetal stuff sounds so boring and uninspired (not trying to be mean)
Lol. "Just make some djent!" Pretty sure this guy has enough talent to make whatever kind of music he wants. And calling someone's music uninspired (which is an art and one's personal expression) is mean. Maybe you should watch his youtube vids then- dude shreds hard.

In Mind Landscapes album I changed the music line, more experimental and djent, than Parametric Milk or Forget albums...

I think you will find Mind Landscapes more interesting!

Damn dude just make some Djent or something your Deathmetal stuff sounds so boring and uninspired (not trying to be mean) The only songs I KIND OF like are The Fly and Kid! Don't play with your food (and those arent even close to your usual sound). Apparently your youtube videos are badass but I havent seen them yet.

Thank you so much man!

this guy rules hard. remember seeing him on youtube