Tromsø, Norway


  • Stian Pedersen | Vocals
  • Trym Nordmo | Vocals
  • Henrik Aalberg | Guitars
  • Daniel Flakowski | Guitars
  • Tage Kristoffersen | Bass
  • Daniel Pedersen | Drums

ADJENTIST from Tromsø (NO) was formed in 2012, and wanted to bring something a little different into existence in their local music scene. You will discover melodic choruses, ambience that creates a unique atmosphere, blended with the dark riffs which is the foundation that everything is built upon. They are different. They are heavy. As fuck.

Their energic, charismatic and bonecrushing live show is like a well-oiled machine that leaves audiences in pieces. The show is extremely tight and nothing short of brutal. Nobody leaves an Adjentist show disappointed.

Since their release of Riven Liaison EP (2014) they've been working hard on their second full length album, Disintegrate. With this album ADJENTIST has taken their music to a whole new level. Disintegrate will be released through Rob Mules Records in December 2017.


Detailed discography - Add release

Title Type Rating Label Release datesort icon
Reach For The Sky Full-length
unknown October 1, 2013
Riven Liaison EP
unknown October 1, 2014


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