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Ontology EP
unknown October 4, 2010
The Ratio EP
Unknown December 2, 2012


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Just discovered you guys through my friend. Too sick!

the combination of the vocals & the breakdowns are so epic.. and when he go's clean it gives me goosebumps!!


Hell Yea... IM another Florida Djentlemen. Nice to see You Guys Kicking So much ass. When you gonna come play Daytona or St.Augustine.!>

Just heard the beginning of Ontology..the vocals just gave me teh happy smilies Laughing out loud Yeah you guys make some awesome stuff!!

I agree, some of the best clean vocals i've heard in awhile. I think they should use them more actually, since most bands don't have the option for good clean vocals. Everything else is pretty good though.

this is just an awesome band.. and I enjoy it with vocals Laughing out loud i think that their vocalist is absolutely great...

i listened to you guys on youtube thought it was great. then i downloaded your cd. is there anyway to get a copy without the vocals? i don't dislike the vocals, but i really enjoyed "just" the music.

This band is pretty good dudes.